Monday, April 1, 2013

It's A Triple CH' Day!

What’s a triple CH’ Day you ask?  Well, it’s a pretty damn good day if you ask me!!

You see, I just made it up to celebrate the Triple CH’s gifted to us.  

Our neighbor from the next road down from ours is fabulous.  Have I mentioned we love our neighbors (at least a dozen times you say?) – Yeah, well, we still do and make it a baker’s dozen!

Anyway, this lovely gentleman was a long time confectioner in the area and is just closing up his last store (of over 40 years).  The name isn’t going away, his daughter bought him out and will have a store of her own 20 miles from here – but his last store, which is three blocks away, is closing up shop.  Easter was his big send off.

I went in to take a few pics of his smiling face behind the counter and to say goodbye to the store.  At which point I found myself immediately in the back room having a glass of red wine.  A very LARGE glass of red wine.

I also found myself holding a box of chocolate filled eggs “on the house” – to add to the three other boxes he brought over two days ago.  This man can make one mean rum cherry…. Not to mention other yummy concoctions.

Anyway, while I was in the back, there was this really cool turquoise folding chair – from the 60’s.  I said, oh don’t throw that out – it’s great!  And he said – ok I won’t, I’ll see if my daughter is taking it to the new store. 

The next thing he said was, I made 16 chicken legs last night - I just can’t get the hang of cooking for one – come over around 6:00 after I close the store and take some home for you and your hubby for dinner.  Free food and I don’t have to cook tonight???  Hell yeah!!!

He is from the old country, cooking, canning, making chocolates and homemade ice cream is something he does very, very well.  He could have made millions on his ice cream - it’s that good!  Turn down food from him, never.

I almost finish my giant glass of wine and head straight home.  I had errands to do, but not now.

At about 5:45 I hear his truck horn in the driveway, holler for the hubby and head out the door.  He tells me he has a present for me.  It’s the lovely turquoise folding chair.  He so rocks!

I then walk over to his home and pick out our chicken dinner for the evening.  As I’m thanking him for all the delightful goodies he bestowed upon us today, it hits me – thanks for the Chocolates, the Chair and the Chicken, ha ha, it’s a three CH day!  

Dinner, desert and a place to sit, man, this is my new favorite kind of day!!  Dziękuję Mr. S!!