Monday, April 22, 2013

Ground Control

To Majorette Schiffer – um, you look like Ziggy Stardust. 

Except that , Ziggy was in a band – 40 years ago- and he was in his 20’s ….

Anybody – anybody see this ad over the weekend?  

My first thought was, ughhhh, this multi tonal bright eye shadow is hard enough to pull off when you are youthful and exploring make-up, let  alone to try it on a mature woman.   

Sorry Claudia, you are officially mature when you are of an age where you could have children of your own in their 20’s – you know, like the girls who should be trying out these eye colors.  Just not a good look.

She is either advertising for hair color or make-up, it’s not clear and this company makes both.  But really, when you have a beauty like Ms. Schiffer, why would you do this to her?  It’s a bit brighter and harder in the ad, I tried to make it come out in the pic.

My second thought was – my God, she looks like David Bowie! 

So folks – here’s a comparison of a couple Davids for you, what do ya think?

Do you think David and Claudia are in cahoots?  Maybe he is making a new record and thought of a new way to garner some attention – recreate Ziggy, as a 40 something chic?  

Commencing countdown engines on – check ignition and may God’s love be with you…….