Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skating and Chatting

Ah – Happy Spring!

Here’s what I love – when kids are out playing basketball in the driveway and skateboarding down the road.  

Who cares that it is downright cold outside?  Its Spring Break, they’re off school and gosh darn it – they are going to be outside doing the things of summer, even if their digits freeze off.

I wish I had a photo of the boy that is the picture above.  I’m driving down the road and here’s a kid about ten or eleven, swishing back and forth on those bendy skateboards.  I’m coming to the cross walk and I look up and see he’s on the phone.  Multi-tasking those boys…. I see this more often than not – kids on their boards on their phones – man, even when I was young I could never get the hang of skateboarding, let alone talk and ride.

Here’s the thing – he just didn’t glide out in front of me, oblivious to the car from not paying attention while on the phone, or thinking that he was a punk kid and had the right of way, complete with evil glare, nope – he saw a car coming and stopped at the cross street, like I did, just like he had a stop sign.  

My guess?  His butt has been scraped across the ground in a droopy pants ruining kind of way or bounced off car hood before, face to face through the windshield with a shocked driver and he’s now a little more attentive. 

Good, I like that!  I can remember when there were shit kids in the area that would lie across the road and dare you to hit them.  I always worried that some senior citizen would – without even realizing the dare…  And you could never help but feel – serves your dumbass right.  But as far as I know, those boys grew up and moved away – all alive and well.  Yep, don’t miss them - a bit.

Anyway – I like the new round of kids, out playing hoops and skateboarding.  We had a football game in the parking lot across the street last weekend.  Makes you feel like kids are being kids, and all is right in the world – at least right now, during Spring Break.

The only thing is – I don’t see any girls. Yeah, I bet they are warm in the house, watching the amateur sports out the windows – no freezing digits on them…in fact, if their digits are anything like mine- they just got a new joyful spring coat of polish!! 

Orange, in honor of our Detroit Tigers home opener Friday - see you there!