Monday, April 15, 2013

Graphic Failure

Just curious, when you look at this picture what do you think it is telling you to do?

In terms of helpful diagrams, I find this one to be very, very odd and possibly disturbing – I’m not quite sure.

So here is - presumably a girl, with her leg up in the air – she could be doing the twist – or not.

She kind of has on blue underwear, or a bathing suit, but not really, because it’s just a triangle on her right side, like she put her thong on through the wrong leg hole and it’s on sideways, because it’s missing in the front.

She’s holding her right leg, or tapping it like a drum, again, I’m not sure.  I suppose if she was doing the twist there would be music and she could be playing her thigh like a drum.  There’s too much movement to be doing yoga.

How do I know there is movement?  Well, I think it is being suggested by the swishes on each side of her knee, or actually both knees.  So maybe she is also going up and down, doing single leg squats perhaps? Or why would there be movement in front of and behind the knee on her standing leg?  

Or possibly the Can Can is involved?  Her bent leg could be in transition from a kick, again, just going off the glowing swishy noted in front of her right knee.

Now for the item she is holding in her right hand – would anyone like to venture a guess what exactly are they telling us to do there?   

This is a spray can – where are they aiming the spray?  And why?  Her elbow also has a swishy – um, so the can moves up and down?  Ah, there's not enough room in the graphic for it to move anywhere - and the spray certainly doesn't want to go THERE!!

I will not say what company made it.  It’s not dirty, it’s meant for everyday use.  It’s a newer product made by a very large and reputable corporation, so I would think they would have their pick of talented graphic artists – and yet this bizarre picture got on the side of the can? How?  And the person who picked it thought what?  Yes – this depicts my idea perfectly??  Great stuff!  Go to print!

I’m confused and yes, I think I do officially find it disturbing….