Friday, April 26, 2013

Build A Dog Workshop

I think over the next few weeks we will be hosting random "Build a Dog" workshops at our house.  You know – something like “Build a Bear”, but for free and you must want the dog to come in the same color as ours.  

I believe we have ribbons and googly eyes somewhere in the basement, I’ll go have a look after I post, you know, just so your “new” dog will have a collar and vision.  Since out dog is deaf, you will have to figure out how to make the ears on your own…she is also tail-less.

This is a handful of hair – pulled out of our dog, painlessly, in one tug.  If you look at her right now from any angle, you can see her winter down working its way up through her shiny top coat and it’s sticking out all crazy on her – everywhere.  Like spikey bed head – for dogs.

I don’t remember her tiny short hairs on her front legs ever shedding in clumps before, but this year there are thousands of pieces of hair everywhere.  She’s a jagged fur ball.

It’s funny, when we are outside and she is standing by the door to come in – I descend upon her like a flash and state pulling tufts out as fast as I can, from anywhere I can grab,  before she becomes annoyed and won’t let me anymore.   I then send the tufts out into the breeze.  There are black, white and gray dog hair fluff balls swirling on the ground and floating everywhere in the air.

I’m sure the neighbors are thinking, what is this stuff floating around?  There really are piles of it – I am not joking.   It comes out in giant handfuls.

So come anytime, the workshops will run as long as she is shedding her winter down.  If you miss it, the next session will be in the fall around September, but the hair is not as soft and fluffy as the piles that come off her in the spring.

The vacuum is getting a great workout – as am I, just a free exercise class to get me in shape for bathing suit season, push, twist, lift, squat – the vacuum “machine” does it all!