Monday, April 8, 2013

Super Duper, The Boys Are Back In Town

This is going to be part of a few Spring themed writings over the next few weeks, I’ve had a couple already, which is proof that the thermometer is supposed to be going in the right direction.  Have we had a day above 60 degrees yet?  No, but we will- I am absolutely sure of it!!  

Hubby and I made it to (and from) the Tigers Opening Day festivities last Friday and yes, they won!  Opening Day was bigger than we’ve ever seen it – AND, there is starting to be more girls.  

By the way, ladies, if you are single and live in a city with a baseball team that has opening day festivities and you stay away?  Well, then you deserve to be single.  No, really, the odds at one of these events are 20 to 1, easily, and that is me guessing the odds from this year’s turn out in Detroit – I can remember years ago when I was one of eight girls I saw all day, yes , eight - all day (the line to the ladies bathroom was non-existent, fabulous – I know)  That was a good decade ago – but still, the odds are so in your favor ladies.  Put it on the calendar for next year, take the day off and head downtown – I can’t believe I even have to tell you this – common sense my dears – c’mon already…..

Anyway – I like to go there for the people, it’s a great place to be in a hub of happy, live, buzzing activity.  You get to chat it up with all kinds of folks, I love it.  Plus there are still places you can celebrate for free, no ridiculous cover.  The Fillmore Theater and State Bar always have live music and the game on the HUGE screen.  This is my favorite place, although the beer selection is decided for you that day by the sponsor of the event – it hasn’t been good the last few years, but that’s ok, we’re not there for the beer.

And the last few years Grand Circus Park has had live music and goings on all day too – when the sun was out you almost didn’t notice you could still see your breath.  Which brings me to the socks.  

A man was running around with Superman socks on in the park.  He himself was not dressed oddly, or was he obnoxious in any way – BUT, he had on Superman Socks.  Apparently Superman is a theme with the Tigers?  I know we have a lot of super players, but I hadn’t realized there was a Superman theme, see hat below, it’s officially MLB Licensed, who knew?

I did miss getting a picture of him in his socks, he rolled his pants legs back down, so I had to go in search of one – which is why the gentleman pictured above is standing on a track and not in a park – but they are indeed the same socks!  And they are just as super!!!  Aren’t they?

The “Boys of Summer” are definitely back in town and are winning (for the most part).  Keep it up and we’ll get to a game when the weather realizes it’s in a short named month and it’s supposed to be warm.  Until then, my gloves are still in my pockets and my boots are still by the door…. Go Spring!