Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers Bring -

 Indoor water parks.

Ah Spring in Michigan – when the neighborhood basements turn into swimming holes and “mud” puddles, depending on your luck – you wish for the swimming hole…

We fortunately (which is certainly not the adjective I would have used yesterday) got a swimming hole.

See the pretty rain water?  How clean and smooth like a still fresh water pond?  If only we had kiddie toy sailboats to float in it while we were cleaning up – certainly that would have made it more fun – no?  Every slosh would have created a wave and the boat could have sailed from my niece’s bedroom to the laundry room, uninhibited – woosh!

The thing is, this part of our basement has never even been dampish before, let alone a reflecting pool.  Actually this house has been pretty lucky on the water in the basement end of things.   

It seems to be a Spring ritual in our state – every April many, many people get a “surprise” in their basement – except we have never participated in that ritual in this house before.  We have a sump pump, some sort of double trap drain and a bazillion tile lines running through the yard to keep our land drained and dry.  That is - when the ground is thawed.

So as the plumber pulled up to help, our neighbors plumber also pulled up and my phone rang from our other favorite neighbor down the road.  All of us – wet, very, very, wet.

Yes, hubby tore out the carpet – it’s so sad looking.  Then we sucked up all the damp with a shop vac, rented an industrial dryer from the neighborhood hardware store, blasted the heat at tropical temps, and had the dehumidifier going full bore.

It’s gonna be fine – it was just rain water; the storm drains were over burdened and couldn’t keep up.  As of right now, 24 plus hours later were in good shape, undecorated, but good.
Next week (or so) – new flooring!  I’ll keep you posted, thinking about wood laminate for the laundry room – sounds so clean and fresh – doesn’t it?   

Hope your April showers have not bestowed upon you any portion of the Michigan Great Lakes, or any other lake for that matter.   

Now why would those showers think anyone’s basement needed them?  I’d think it’s safe to say there is not one tulip or daffodil bulb planted in anyone basement – anywhere….. nope, not a single one.