Monday, April 20, 2015

Techno Colored Why?

Or in the words of Nancy Kerrigan – Wwaahhyyy????

These are crochet shorts – for men.  I know, for MEN!!!

Here’s the thing, these wouldn’t even look cute on an 80lb 20 year old woman.

What makes someone think we want to see yarn shorts on pasty white men?  Ok, let me continue with that unappealing thought – sweaty, summer hot, pasty white men, because you know, they are in shorts – can’t put a man in a pair of leggings and wear these in the winter.  Well, I suppose you could – couldn’t get much worse than this – could it??   Uck.

Don’t think these even existed in the 70’s and all sorts of crazy ass knitted things were popular in the 1970’s.

Oh and it gets better – not that if your grandma had knitted these in the 70’s and lovingly gave them to you, so you could put them on your stuffed teddy bear and tell her “yes – I am using them – thank you” – at least they would have been from your sweet grandma and they were free – these are most definitely NOT free.

Someone is charging ninety-nine US Dollars for these.  I know – a hundred bucks!  And someone else is buying them.  

I am not going to promote them, so if you want some you’ll have to do your own search online (and if you do – I want you to stay out west, where I’m sure these are coming from – you know, pot is legal in Denver – just chillin’ with the knitting needles…) – BUT – when you look at the site – some are SOLD OUT.  That just hurts me to think about it.            

Monday, April 13, 2015

Do They Come Sprinkled with Cinnamon?

Routing myself to a place on 14 mile, I was greeted with this screen on my phone.  
Look at the bottom.

Yes – YUMMMMM – Krispy Kreme Dognuts!  

Now, now we know where all the spare bits go when a doggie gets neutered.  Bet you didn’t want to know that did you?  Although recycling is good for the planet.

Going to need more than a cup of coffee to wash those down!! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Identity Crisis

Is ETSY in the voting booth business now??

Clicking open an email from ETSY they are talking about spring and “glamping”.  

OK, I’m game, glamping usually involves some pretty cool “tents” in some beautiful areas.  Wonder if someone has “handmade” those round semi permanent tent structures and has them for sale, you know to put up in your backyard or on your up-north property or something.

Oh, that would be great, in the back yard you could use it as an office, or a playhouse for kids or as a spare room for the family visitors.  Yeah – glamping, whatever ETSY has should be pretty cool. 

“Click” – above picture appears.

Um, looks like a voting booth.  

The picture below is an actual voting booth.
Is someone in the “handmade” voting booth business on ETSY?  I can’t imagine a government invoice showing a purchase from ETSY for 50 voting booths, wouldn’t they need to come from some approved manufacturer – you know to keep from any hijinx happening when you are voting.  If any Tom, Dick or Harry could build a voting booth, isn’t there opportunity for corruption?  

Anyway – you know what it s not – it is not a voting booth, despite the fraternal twin-ness look of it all.

It is a “Glamping Stove.   Yup, that’s what they say it is.  So, someone is big into recycling old voting booths – and making them into “stoves”.  I guess that is what ETSY is all about now isn’t it?  

Ohhh, let's go glamping - thanks ETSY, I was looking for an anniversary trip idea - but I'm sorry to say, we won't be needing your - um "stove"...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just doing a little braggin'

Ok, so this isn't really the normal blog post - but if you are a sports fan and you dig rugby - check out my bad-ass nephew.  He scored EVERYTHING!!  See you tomorrow with a real post - I promise!!

"The Under-19s secured Ireland's second underage international win over France in the space of a few hours as full-back David O'Mahony did all the scoring in today's 13-10 triumph in Marcoussis."

Ireland U19 Scorers:
Try: David O'Mahony; Con: David O'Mahony; Pens: David O'Mahony 2 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Show Me the Way to Go Home

I’m tired and I want to go to bed…..

Ah, so last Friday we flew home from overseas – except there was no way to get home…

I’m not sure if you can read all the boards above, but just about EVERYTHING is cancelled.

The airline did not reschedule us and when I called they said they could get us home on Sunday on a 6:24pm flight.  SUNDAY???  GUH.  

Nope, Sundays not gonna work for us.  We flew into New York at 10:30am on Friday.  

New York to Detroit – dozens of flights a day leave from the three New York area airports – DOZENS, and we landed in the morning – not at night.  All we could see were Delta planes– taking off everywhere and our carrier was almost completely cancelled (grounded).  Plus there was no snow – so what did you do airline?  Piss the union off??  Still not sure – they gave us no reason other than “air traffic control” was responsible – so nope, not their problem.  

So, me and the Customer Service man did a very long dance, neither one of us enjoyed – you know, like being made to go to prom with your long lost, blind date, never met before, cousin kind of dance.  We spent way too much time together, he held all the cards (i.e., we went to the prom in your cousins Dune Buggy and you’re up-do got all wind blown, but he was your only ride home) so you are stuck, with him, until you can make an escape – home…. 

When all was said and done, we found a flight that gave us 2 hours to collect our luggage and get to another New York airport, on our dime (or should I say Benjamin)– super fast. Haha, super fast – in New York City – haha!   (Where’s cousin Joe’s dune buggy when you need it)?

Plus, we couldn’t go home, we had to go to Chicago first – you know, for a quick look around – to make sure all was well at O’Hare.

A search on the holy internet provided us with a private car service, we called and the phone was answered by an angelic lady who was a delight to do business with.  Um, airlines – a little Customer Service training can go a long way, if you know what I mean….She forwarded me directly to the driver, who was there in 7 minutes flat.

A little private car humor for you (has to be a running joke in NYC) is to “look for the black GM Suburban”.  When you walk out the door, they are ALL BLACK SUBURBANS.  After we almost got into a privately owned one – we waited for the man with the “Mr. Beth” sign in his window (was in too much of a hurry, didn’t snap a photo – but I like it – I may go by that name from now on).

Travelled the streets of New York slowly, slowly, slowly, sped through the tunnel and across the bridge and then slowly, slowly, slowly.  All the while following on google maps in the back seat, counting the minutes…..

You know what, we made it to LaGuardia, on time, luggage rechecked – all the way through to Detroit – AHHHH – can you hear the angels singing?  We sure did.

Then, then the snow started to fall.  OMG – stop, stop, stop – immediately stop it, now.  After a de-icing, the flight took off – 20 minutes late.  I would like to say nothing was cancelled at LaGuardia – so Newark – you are all a bunch of (insert proper cat descriptor) here.

Ok, in the air – we did have an hour to make the next connecting flight (now shortened by 20 minutes), have to change terminals – the flight attendant told us they are close to each other – just through a tunnel.  Thank God we don’t have to collect our luggage.

We land – Chicago is sunny and dry as Brut Champagne.  Change terminals, make a pit stop and honestly, walk straight on to the next flight when we get to the gate.  Five minutes later and the gate would have been closed.

So in case you were wondering, O’Hare looked fine, in fact it looked great on our couldn’t have been better ten minute “layover” and smelled like Garrett’s popcorn.  Good thing we didn’t stop for any! 

As usual, it's upright in my camera and in the folder - just not here.....

Friday, March 20, 2015

Snow Angels (Re-post)

Hi all, taking a breather for a re-post today since I know how busy my day is going to be.  I posted this on St Patricks Day 2013 - Yup, I thought it was just this year and last year that were rough Winters - funny how time makes you forget!  Just trying to get rid of the Winter omen because today is the first day of Spring!!  Hallelujah!!!  Bring on the flowers.

Not to be confused with the ones that you make yourself by lying in the snow and flapping your arms and legs to make wings and a gown.  Nope, this is a REAL ONE!

Now I hear Snow Angels are elusive and only come out in the most rotten of weather.  They can be found in all shapes and sizes.  You see, angels are not of one age or gender.   They tend to appear only out of the goodness of their hearts.  They ask for nothing in return.

If you are not aware of these elusive Snow Angels, let me fill you in on their purpose in the cold – they come around after a big snowfall, sometimes they come out while the snow is still falling, if it has been going for hours already.  They appear at all times of day.  You will know they are around by the sound of the motor on the four wheeler or snow blower or by the scrape of a shovel on the ground.

They visit only your sidewalk and your driveway, they do not bother you at the house.  Their main focus is on the grandma on the corner, the single woman, the elderly man down the street, nearby vacant houses and the person who travels for a living and is not currently home.   

They know all.

I hear that not every neighborhood has one.  That is truly a bummer.  There are a few around here; I think they may congregate in like places.  I’m not sure if snow angels are competitive, but the sight of one usually means there are more in the area and it’s possible after the next snow you will see a different one.  

I have to tell you, we see ours all the time.  This one is the most popular and his sightings are the most frequent.  He can do more in less time than any other snow angel.  Plus he has the best equipment! Must have some extra brownie points with the man upstairs to have gotten this ride!   

It is possible this one is THE Arch Snow Angel.  

But you dare not disturb them to ask any questions– they have a task to do and usually you are on the benefitting end of it, no one wants to stop that.

They are good angels and I am so glad we live in an area where they are prevalent.  If they aren’t in your area and you have huge snow dumps, you may want to ask yourself why.  Maybe you can assist until they start to congregate near your home?  I know they are appreciated, we’ve had this one ten years. He’s invaluable.   

And no, I don’t think he’s willing to switch neighborhoods and I certainly am not going to ask him!!!  Get your own…