Friday, April 18, 2014

Gnome Fell Down (Repost)

Hi all, It's Easter weekend and the house is bustling.  So I'm sending out a re-post from a previous April.  I've got cookies to bake and decorate, Sunday dinner groceries to buy, paper to be shredded by the pound (while it is being hosted for free), figure out something to cook for the pot luck tonight, etc, etc. 

It will be nice to have the Bunny visit over and no more holidays until the beginning of summer at the end of May (oh Summer - where art thou???)

Therefore - enjoy - this was originally posted April 23, 2013.  And yes - the Gnomes are all better now - complete with a new rope and a fresh coat of colorful paint, courtesy of one of my nieces. Have a pleasant Easter!

And broke his crown…

Well not really, but he did fall down and what’s funny is he is indeed holding his head.  I couldn’t pass this up as it is a literal thing.  

I do love my Gnomes and most certainly don’t want them hurt – as of course I am sure none of you would want any of your Gnomes hurt.

What? You don’t have Gnomes?  Really?  I thought everyone had Gnomes.  You’re joking right – you have Gnomes.

Come on, they are fun joyous little creatures that protect your yard and garden – and well, there might be some in your house too.  Of course I am only basing this on our house, where there are many of the little fellas (and a few gals) around. 

Anyway, there have been three little guys swinging on a rope on our front porch for – oh I don’t know – ten years?  We never brought them in during the winter, they just stayed outside and played in the wind – swinging away in any small or gale forced “breezes” we have had over the years.  Apparently the winds we had two days ago were too much and down a couple of the boys went.

And well, it looks like one hurt his head.  I assume the other one is cold.

As for Gnome #3, he’s still hanging on for dear life.  Noting what has happened below him, he is not going to let the same thing happen to him.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How's About A Little Snow on the Barbie?

I know shrimp might be a little more appetizing, or a steak even – which is what I grilled up just this weekend.  We had beautiful weather Sunday, it was 77 degrees (25 Celsius) and yes, the steak was fabulous.

But Mother Nature has a different plan and well, we have done it – we have beaten the record snowfall, set in the winter of 1880, yes 1880!

Not that Easter is just a few short days away, or that we are in April or anything – that means nothing to us Michiganders.  Snow in April is an unfortunate norm. 

Now the record snowfall might not be that much in other areas, I am quite sure that 100 inches is nothing just a hundred miles north of Detroit – but for us, it’s a 130 year old record.  

And by now, we’ve had it.  Done, we are done with this fluffy, pretty white stuff – enough already!

So, since I have a few extra inches of snow on the BBQ, I’d be happy to fire it up and offer you a nice cool drink of water.  Anything I can do to get rid of the stuff AND have a get together sounds like a great plan to me!

So if you would like to join me in the snow elimination, snow boil – fire up your BBQ and let’s get a melting.  ASAP!!   

We can make it a community event – let’s just not make it an annual ok?  I’d hate to wish for a do over of this past season – I just wish it over….

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's the Return of the 1970's

Are you guys ready?  It’s the return of the 1970’s. I know, who ever thought they would come back? Other than the hip hugger/ bell bottom fad a few years ago – I thought we were safe.

But it’s been 40 years and apparently some designers are missing their old orange and olive shag homesteads they grew up in or from visits to Grandmas house.  (Can I make a request famous design people?  Please, please, please - no colonial interior designs, please....)

I can’t say for sure if the flocked wallpaper is coming back – but I can say there will be a return of the dark kitchen with funky tiles – emphasis on the funky!

Oh, I stand corrected – folks the flocked is back and it is EXPENSIVE!!!!  $195 a roll????
Gosh this brings back memories, I can remember being a kid and having these very large burlap covered wallpaper sample books in the house, just looking at the shiny foil sheets with the soft velvet patterns was a thrill and the colors – oh, the colors… I’m not sure how we ever survived this fuzzy tin foil invasion.

Where am I getting my information you ask?  Well the Home Depot and Lowes – of course.  I was wandering around wishing on pretty blue glass tiles, as I do so often and found none.   
What I found were a whole bunch of neutral beige and brown glass tiles and then the surprise selection of tiles pictured in this blog. 

Look, is there anyone who was alive then that doesn’t remember those tear drop scrunchy looking ones (pictured at the top) in brown, orange and olive – anyone?  I do believe the bathrooms at Cobo Hall may still be covered in the orange ones.

And look, look at these – they have mirrored tiles too!  Ooohh myyyy.  

Disco fever anyone?  The strobe lights should shine nicely off these in you new brown shag den – with just the right pop of a mirrored wall, not full panels like the old days – but little shiny tiles, with the same horrible coffee spill patterns in them.

Oh Mid-Century modern design return, I guess your forty year nostalgia is just about up – I will miss you – Turquoise is one of my favorite colors…. Oh and chrome, shiny, pretty chrome.  

Guess we’ll have to make way for copper, I didn’t check the faucet section or the light fixtures, but it can’t be far behind…
Oops, there it is!