Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soda and Who??

Yes the post is late – believe it or not – I found zero inspiration yesterday to come up with something witty – but just as life hides all the fun from you - it can also instantly fling it back into your face!

Today I found inspiration in a little girl.  I do not have a picture of the actual child – it just wasn’t possible without it looking odd – so I’ll paint a visual – it will be easy!

She is three or four, in pigtails – dark hair, with a white shirt and aqua pants.  She has lots of energy and is entertaining herself. 

She is doing lunges, three at a time and saying something - the same thing over and over – in different tempos, some long and some quick – with a hop at the end.

I get closer, positive energy is zooming off her and I need a smile. 

I listen: 

“Soda, soda, soda” which equates to a lunge with each of the soda’s - then something with two syllables at the end and a hop!

“Soooda, soooda, soooda” real slow lunges– then garble – and a hop!  “Soda, soda, soda” fast lunges, then garble and a hop!

She’s cute, she’s not bothering anybody and she’s having fun.

Then I hear the last word – I think she said “Scottish”?  Yes, it's "Scottish" - with oomph!

Soda, soda, soda – Scottish!!  Soooda, soooda, soooda, Scottish!!  Soda, soda, soda – Scottish!!

Oh my goodness – is she really trying to say Scotch and Soda, but doesn’t know what Scotch is – so she is calling it Scottish?  I think she is.   

My guess is she is mimicking something she heard, that sounds catchy – just perfect for lunges and hops – new words to play with – except thankfully she is saying Scottish! 

Oh, won’t her daddy be proud when she shows this off to him later?  Yes sir….
Sooda, Sooda, Sooda – SCOTTISH!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Crude Protein Indeed

Above you will find the almost empty package of a very popular dog “healthcare” treat.   

Except that it is not empty- that little fella hanging out in the bottom is a meal worm.  And he was not alone, but as I went hurriedly and making incoherent noises to the sink to wash the other fellas down the drain (rinsing the offending green snack under the faucet) he is the only one that remained.

Now these little dog snackies aren’t cheap.  We buy them because they have special ingredients to help puppy with her old creaky legs.  We geriatric pet care owners are prime targets for guilt sales of special treats to help your puppy “feel” better.  Of course, puppy doesn’t mind – it’s a treat -who cares the color!

I’d like to mention nowhere in the ingredient listing of special nutrients like Lipped Mussels, Chicken Cartilage, Vitamin E and Glucosamine – does it state live Meal Worms.  Although now that I’ve seen the fact that it contains chicken cartilage – I suppose that the notation of 24% “Crude Protein” could very well cover the meal worms, without explaining in full detail what the proteins are.

I’ve also just noticed that the flavor is “smoke”.  Ummm, not sure smoke is a flavor, I would promote.  And really – is it a flavor or a smell?? 

“Why yes, while making the item and trying to find the right mix of Chicken Cartilage flavor we accidentally burnt it.  That’s when it occurred to us – dogs don’t care – they eat garbage, twigs and cat poop.  Eureka!  Smoke flavor it is!  Why test any further?  Look – Fido is asking for another one!”

So yeah – We've been feeding our dog green smoke flavored chicken cartilage and meal worms.  Sounds delicious, no?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sassy Face Butter

I’m just curious – have any of you ever opened up a fresh tub of butter to find that it was sticking its tongue out at you? 

Anyone?  Anyone at all??  

Well, in case you are wondering how that would feel and lest you think I am joking – I am sharing my sassy faced butter with you.  

There, there she is.  It just has to be a girl with such a sassy little face….

We normally don’t use this brand of butter – we are Real Butter Land O’Lakes people all the way - with olive oil to make it spreadable (none of that fake made up Genetically Engineered Canola crap they add to other butters, we have enough problems – ok they add it to LO’L too, but we don’t buy those tubs).

But I had a great coupon!  I got this for .35 cents after the sale at the store and the coupon was doubled.  (OK, with such a great deal I may have bought two – we haven’t opened the other one yet).

Here’s the thing – I’m pretty sure it knows we don’t buy this brand and I only got it because it was on sale.  Therefore it felt the need to be a sassy face, feeling like it wasn’t really wanted in the house and we just settled for it because it was a great bargain.  Which it was an unbelievable bargain!  So yes, we did just buy it because of that.  Missy is right.

And it's ok.  It’s no Land O’Lakes with olive oil – which my husband and I spread on fresh bread like it was frosting on a cake.  My Lord it's good! 

But this stuff – it’s just ehh.  Of course, we’ll eat it.  The French bread flows through this house like water – so there won’t be an issue with getting through the two tubs.  But it is possible tub two will be saved for baking and we’ll get back to the frostingly yummy goodness of Land O’Lakes – with the blue lid.

Probably should buy stock in them, we always have a stash three tubs high in the back of the fridge, it’s as essential as Banana’s, Broccoli and English muffins around here.      

So folks, the next time your food talks back to you, maybe you should take it as a sign that it really doesn’t appreciate you for saving it from the grocery store shelf or the farm.  

Possibly it is some sort of omen alerting you to the fact that it also may not be good for you – an “IN YOUR FACE” omen – so to speak! Haha.  

At least she’s not wearing lipstick and false lashes… that little Missy – trouble I tell you, pure butter trouble….

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Signs of Spring!

Today is the Vernal Equinox!  This means we are moving in the right direction towards the warmth of the summer – but we are so not there yet!  At a balmy 27 degrees F (-2 Celsius) with winds a whipping through the empty tree branches – it’s a bitter cold day here.

The first Robin of Spring has came to light – but I’m sure she wishes she had waited until the snow melted a little more before she flew all the way back up here.  Her poor little tootsies!

The tulips are poking up out of the snow – again, I’m thinking that although it is March and it is officially Spring today – the Tulip Festivals in Michigan take place in May.  May, not March, my foolish little tulips.  

The two snowmen the kids down the road built two days ago have melted – I wish I would have taken the picture two days ago – the long lump of snow was a snow snake – it was pretty cool!
The Tigers are full into Spring Training in Lakeland, FLA – getting ready for the most fabulous of Opening Day events in Detroit on April 5th at Comerica Park.  Note the palm tree – yup, got none of those here!!

And the days are getting longer – which is always a good thing – can’t beat the sun at 7:00 at night!

So everyone – HAPPY SPRING – may your days be brighter, happier and more productive in the months ahead!  

Come tiptoe through the Tulips with me!!  That is, when they actually come up – should be in early May, if you can wait a couple months….

(Tigers Pic from, Robin picture from Andrew Jarrett online - could not find a single bird out today - smart birdies! Brrrrrr)