Monday, March 25, 2013

Crude Protein Indeed

Above you will find the almost empty package of a very popular dog “healthcare” treat.   

Except that it is not empty- that little fella hanging out in the bottom is a meal worm.  And he was not alone, but as I went hurriedly and making incoherent noises to the sink to wash the other fellas down the drain (rinsing the offending green snack under the faucet) he is the only one that remained.

Now these little dog snackies aren’t cheap.  We buy them because they have special ingredients to help puppy with her old creaky legs.  We geriatric pet care owners are prime targets for guilt sales of special treats to help your puppy “feel” better.  Of course, puppy doesn’t mind – it’s a treat -who cares the color!

I’d like to mention nowhere in the ingredient listing of special nutrients like Lipped Mussels, Chicken Cartilage, Vitamin E and Glucosamine – does it state live Meal Worms.  Although now that I’ve seen the fact that it contains chicken cartilage – I suppose that the notation of 24% “Crude Protein” could very well cover the meal worms, without explaining in full detail what the proteins are.

I’ve also just noticed that the flavor is “smoke”.  Ummm, not sure smoke is a flavor, I would promote.  And really – is it a flavor or a smell?? 

“Why yes, while making the item and trying to find the right mix of Chicken Cartilage flavor we accidentally burnt it.  That’s when it occurred to us – dogs don’t care – they eat garbage, twigs and cat poop.  Eureka!  Smoke flavor it is!  Why test any further?  Look – Fido is asking for another one!”

So yeah – We've been feeding our dog green smoke flavored chicken cartilage and meal worms.  Sounds delicious, no?