Friday, March 22, 2013

Sassy Face Butter

I’m just curious – have any of you ever opened up a fresh tub of butter to find that it was sticking its tongue out at you? 

Anyone?  Anyone at all??  

Well, in case you are wondering how that would feel and lest you think I am joking – I am sharing my sassy faced butter with you.  

There, there she is.  It just has to be a girl with such a sassy little face….

We normally don’t use this brand of butter – we are Real Butter Land O’Lakes people all the way - with olive oil to make it spreadable (none of that fake made up Genetically Engineered Canola crap they add to other butters, we have enough problems – ok they add it to LO’L too, but we don’t buy those tubs).

But I had a great coupon!  I got this for .35 cents after the sale at the store and the coupon was doubled.  (OK, with such a great deal I may have bought two – we haven’t opened the other one yet).

Here’s the thing – I’m pretty sure it knows we don’t buy this brand and I only got it because it was on sale.  Therefore it felt the need to be a sassy face, feeling like it wasn’t really wanted in the house and we just settled for it because it was a great bargain.  Which it was an unbelievable bargain!  So yes, we did just buy it because of that.  Missy is right.

And it's ok.  It’s no Land O’Lakes with olive oil – which my husband and I spread on fresh bread like it was frosting on a cake.  My Lord it's good! 

But this stuff – it’s just ehh.  Of course, we’ll eat it.  The French bread flows through this house like water – so there won’t be an issue with getting through the two tubs.  But it is possible tub two will be saved for baking and we’ll get back to the frostingly yummy goodness of Land O’Lakes – with the blue lid.

Probably should buy stock in them, we always have a stash three tubs high in the back of the fridge, it’s as essential as Banana’s, Broccoli and English muffins around here.      

So folks, the next time your food talks back to you, maybe you should take it as a sign that it really doesn’t appreciate you for saving it from the grocery store shelf or the farm.  

Possibly it is some sort of omen alerting you to the fact that it also may not be good for you – an “IN YOUR FACE” omen – so to speak! Haha.  

At least she’s not wearing lipstick and false lashes… that little Missy – trouble I tell you, pure butter trouble….