Monday, March 4, 2013

Dryer Falls

Ha, ha – aren’t falls supposed to be wet?  Bad joke – for bad dryers.

This is our new dryer.  On its side.  On the floor.  At the foot of the stairs.  With its lid off.

What is it doing down there you ask?  Well, nothing really – I think it might be resting from the fall it just took – I can’t be sure. 

Plus the top has popped off – it’s not really supposed to look like that.  It’s a dryer – it’s the front bit that’s on hinges and opens up – not the top.  So I’m guessing there is going to be some triage.

The wall isn’t very happy either, it’s going to need some stitches to close up the gashes – pretty sure I can glue the carpet back to the stairs – so no medical expertise will be needed for that tear. 
Yeah – over the last 14 months our appliances have been giving out – one by one.  First it was the fridge – so we bought  a stove to go with it, then the dishwasher stopped and two months later the microwave became possessed – thought maybe we were done with replacing expensive mechanicals since the kitchen was now fully new again. 

But nope – three weeks ago my dryer started to make really odd noises – mostly screeching – then it sounded like a train roaring down the tracks.  Hubby crawled around fixed my vent that was blowing fuzz all over the world and we determined it was all still working – so despite the new percussion band that had taken up residence inside – I kept using it.  

Then it stopped heating.  So that was that – need a new dryer – wasn’t planning on getting one – but here we are without one – so off to the store.

Has anyone priced gas dryers lately? The cheapest piece o’crap I could find was $500, $390 if it were electric, but we use gas.  Heart failure – cheap ass one setting dryer - $500???  Good dryer $1000+??? Average stuff in the middle $799??  What happened in the last eight years since I bought the one that just died – do they have gold parts inside now? 

Feeling depressed and beaten down I went to the used store.  Since we border the hood, there are quite a few in the area – and really, the only new dryer I ever bought was the last one and it only lasted for eight years.  So here I am, back to buying someone else's old repaired machine, because as much as I liked the $1000 dryer – I could fly to Jamaica, stay two nights, eat, drink and return home on that amount – and really – that sounds like a better deal to me.

So what you see unconscious on its side with a major head injury is a used dryer – which still  wasn't cheap.  It is not a basic piece of crap or a super deluxe one with golden parts on the inside, just a normal dryer with a variety of settings.  And it’s big – would dry a quilt pretty easily – that is, if we can find a heartbeat.

Husband is doing his best right now to attend to the injuries.  I hope she’s a trouper – this whole affair has been a bit of a drag.  It’s not every day your dryer falls down and goes boom.

Oh, is that a timpani playing in my mind?  Yeah, that would make everything better.  Pina Colada?  Well thank you - yes, I think I will.  Make it two, I know someone else that could use one…