Monday, March 11, 2013


Is this a sign?

I’m surrounded, literally, by red cars. 

I was in a parking lot and look – they are everywhere.  In front of me in multiples, next to me and even behind me – look in my rear view mirror!!!

Is there some sort of color lottery I can play?  Because I have to say – if there was, I’d have to play RED!  

Oh, isn’t that a Roulette color?  If only I had a clue how to play Roulette.  What do you think, should I head down to the MGM Detroit and play Red Five or is it Five Red?  You know, because there are five red cars surrounding me….

It is rather ominous.  Maybe I should be concerned.  Now, I do like red, but isn’t it a warning/bad/don’t go here kind of color.  Would it be better if they were all green?  Like – yeah – Advance to Go, collect $200 bucks!  Sure do what you want today!  Not like red, proceed with caution; look in all directions before moving forward.

Huh, not sure where to go with this.  I’m going to go with – I like red, it looks good on me! Maybe I can’t "advance to go and collect $200" in play money, but maybe I will go see if there is a scratch off ticket that is predominately red in color and give that whirl.  

Hmmm, maybe I should buy five of them??  What do you think??  

Maybe one of them will be giving away a Little Red Corvette?  They did change the body style this year.  Sure that’s it – go win myself a new red car today!  Ok, I think I will.  Grabbing my red pea coat and heading out the door right now….