Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Signs of Spring!

Today is the Vernal Equinox!  This means we are moving in the right direction towards the warmth of the summer – but we are so not there yet!  At a balmy 27 degrees F (-2 Celsius) with winds a whipping through the empty tree branches – it’s a bitter cold day here.

The first Robin of Spring has came to light – but I’m sure she wishes she had waited until the snow melted a little more before she flew all the way back up here.  Her poor little tootsies!

The tulips are poking up out of the snow – again, I’m thinking that although it is March and it is officially Spring today – the Tulip Festivals in Michigan take place in May.  May, not March, my foolish little tulips.  

The two snowmen the kids down the road built two days ago have melted – I wish I would have taken the picture two days ago – the long lump of snow was a snow snake – it was pretty cool!
The Tigers are full into Spring Training in Lakeland, FLA – getting ready for the most fabulous of Opening Day events in Detroit on April 5th at Comerica Park.  Note the palm tree – yup, got none of those here!!

And the days are getting longer – which is always a good thing – can’t beat the sun at 7:00 at night!

So everyone – HAPPY SPRING – may your days be brighter, happier and more productive in the months ahead!  

Come tiptoe through the Tulips with me!!  That is, when they actually come up – should be in early May, if you can wait a couple months….

(Tigers Pic from, Robin picture from Andrew Jarrett online - could not find a single bird out today - smart birdies! Brrrrrr)