Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soda and Who??

Yes the post is late – believe it or not – I found zero inspiration yesterday to come up with something witty – but just as life hides all the fun from you - it can also instantly fling it back into your face!

Today I found inspiration in a little girl.  I do not have a picture of the actual child – it just wasn’t possible without it looking odd – so I’ll paint a visual – it will be easy!

She is three or four, in pigtails – dark hair, with a white shirt and aqua pants.  She has lots of energy and is entertaining herself. 

She is doing lunges, three at a time and saying something - the same thing over and over – in different tempos, some long and some quick – with a hop at the end.

I get closer, positive energy is zooming off her and I need a smile. 

I listen: 

“Soda, soda, soda” which equates to a lunge with each of the soda’s - then something with two syllables at the end and a hop!

“Soooda, soooda, soooda” real slow lunges– then garble – and a hop!  “Soda, soda, soda” fast lunges, then garble and a hop!

She’s cute, she’s not bothering anybody and she’s having fun.

Then I hear the last word – I think she said “Scottish”?  Yes, it's "Scottish" - with oomph!

Soda, soda, soda – Scottish!!  Soooda, soooda, soooda, Scottish!!  Soda, soda, soda – Scottish!!

Oh my goodness – is she really trying to say Scotch and Soda, but doesn’t know what Scotch is – so she is calling it Scottish?  I think she is.   

My guess is she is mimicking something she heard, that sounds catchy – just perfect for lunges and hops – new words to play with – except thankfully she is saying Scottish! 

Oh, won’t her daddy be proud when she shows this off to him later?  Yes sir….
Sooda, Sooda, Sooda – SCOTTISH!!