Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dining What?

OK, this is a section in a little news paper that comes out monthly in our area.  It’s a good little news paper – with local interest stories, school successes and then some stuff that is from another distant community that never makes sense is in there – but that’s just part of its quirkiness.

But, when I looked at the dining section in the last paper I was greeted by this – or what I thought I saw, which was “Dining Gout”.  

Umm, I don’t want to dine with gout.  Quite sure when you have gout, dining is almost the last thing on your mind – as your drink your fifth glass of tart cherry juice that day and are ready to float back off to the familiar chair with the foot stool in front of it.

Of course it says Dining Out, but when you spell everything in caps there is no differentiation between the words and it all flows together to read DINING GOUT.  Or at least that’s how my synapses processed it.   

Just a suggestion, use caps at the beginning of the word to, you know, make them readable.

Or is this little paper just jumping on the so called upcoming Presidential election band wagon and yelling at us, like the two main candidates do?  Can’t anyone who is running for president this election speak in a normal voice anymore, why are they always yelling at us??