Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is A Snow Angel

Not to be confused with the ones that you make yourself by lying in the snow and flapping your arms and legs to make wings and a gown.  Nope, this is a REAL ONE!

Now I hear Snow Angels are rare and only come out in the most rotten of weather.  They can be found in all shapes and sizes.  You see, angels are not of one age or gender.  They tend to appear only out of the goodness of their hearts.  They ask for nothing in return.

 If you are not aware of these elusive Snow Angels, let me fill you in on their purpose in the cold – they come around after a big snowfall, sometimes they come out while the snow is still falling, if it has been going for hours already.  

They appear at all times of day.  You will know they are around by the sound of the motor on the four wheeler or snow blower or by the scrape of their shovel on the ground.

They visit only your sidewalk and your driveway, they do not bother you at the house.  Their main focus is on the grandma on the corner, the single woman, the elderly man down the street, nearby vacant houses and the person who travels for a living and is not currently home.  They know all.

I hear that not every neighborhood has one.  That is truly a bummer.  There are a few around here; I think they may congregate in like places.  I’m not sure if snow angels are competitive, but the sight of one usually means there are more in the area and it’s possible after the next snow you will see a different one.  

I have to tell you, we see ours all the time.  This one is the most popular and his sightings are the most frequent.  He can do more in less time than any other snow angel.  Plus he has the best equipment! Must have some extra brownie points with the man upstairs to have gotten this ride!  It is possible this one is THE Arch Snow Angel.  

But you dare not disturb them to ask any questions– they have a task to do and usually you are on the benefitting end of it, no one wants to stop that.

They are good angels and I am so glad we live in an area where they are prevalent.  If they aren’t in your area and you have huge snow dumps, you may want to ask yourself why.  Maybe you can assist until they start to congregate near your home?  

I know they are appreciated, we’ve had this one ten years. He’s invaluable.  And no, I don’t think he’s willing to switch neighborhoods and I certainly am not going to ask him!!!  Get your own…