Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plastic in Bloom


Ah spring – when the plastic bags are sprouting in the trees and from the ground!

Beautiful sight, isn’t it?

Is it me, or are there hundreds of plastic bags stuck all over everything this year?  I don’t remember a year where I’ve seen two bags dangling from a tree, let alone hundreds.

The three you see above are right on our property – entirely different trees – and bags, of course.  

The one in the middle has been stuck there for at least two months.  Every time I walk out the back door I can hear it “chkachkachka” in the wind.  Always makes me turn around and look – then I realize, oh yeah – it’s that bag - stuck way at the top of the Willow.  You think after two months I’d recognize the sound by now…

The bottom pic was a shot taken along the highway where there was literally MILES of bags stuck to things – MILES.  Stunning.  I don’t think when they re-landscaped 696 last year from cement walls to dirt, mulch and various growing things – did they intend for all the plastic blooms this spring.  But here you have it – all those growing twigs have done a great job of catching flying garbage.

Do you think a full sized Semi-truck was driving along, full of the plastic grocery bags we all turned in for recycling – lost its load and that is why there are sooooo many plastic bags everywhere?

I thought we had been trained to use those re-usable bags lately and the litter from the plastic grocery bags was supposed to go away – instead, it’s worse than I have ever seen it!  We in this house are very good at using the re-usables, so I’m not sure where the bags in flight that have now come to land in our trees came from.  But alas – there they are.

Now if I could just get those bags down from the tops of the trees, I have some doggie logs that need to be cleaned up and they would be perfect for the task….