Friday, April 19, 2013


I’m going to borrow my rowing instructor’s mother again for a post.  Why?  Well, because she has a great mother to borrow for good stories!  

If you recall – she gave us “All These Little Black Bugs” in December 2012, if you don’t recall – go back and give it a read!

So folks – here we go….

Mother calling daughter at work – Can you come over tonight on your way home from work?

Daughter – Sure mom, why?

Mom- Well, there is something beeping in the house.

Daughter- Beeping?

Mom- Yes, I think maybe my phone is going dead or something, but it’s not on the base and I can’t find it.

Daughter- Ok, it’s tax season, so I may be a bit late, we’ve been busy.

Mom- That’s ok, it’s doesn’t beep all the time, just every couple minutes.

It is now later in the day and my instructor is at her moms house after work.  

Mom- Just listen, it will go off soon.  I think it might be in the kitchen.

BEEP!  It only takes that one beep for the daughter to know exactly what it is…

Daughter- Um, mom?   
Did you heat something up in the microwave for lunch earlier today and forget about it??

Mystery solved!!!

Ha- I bet you thought it was the smoke detector, didn’t you?   Nope – far cuter than that –don't you just love her mom?  Me too, and I don’t even know her!