Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'Tis the Season

Ah, October – time for high jinx and hilarity!

I remember those days.  When we were kids – the Toilet Papering of trees was common place.  Yet, I haven’t seen any in years.

Ta Da!!!  An old friend has returned.  

Instead of burning houses down in Detroit in October, the kids are buying toilet paper in bulk and tossing it through the air on dark evenings.  Then again, this wasn’t Detroit and it is possible that a few structures will still burn in the city during this Halloween season of pranks and terror before October is over...  

We were in my most favorite of towns for finding Blog fodder, the Grosse Pointes!  And there was no shortage of trees in the area covered in Toilet Paper streamers.  

It was EVERYWHERE, kind of offsets the beauty of the well manicured lawns, but not too much.  Of course, the first time it rains, it’s going to look horrid – but for now – the white sweeping streamers are quite pretty.

I must have passed twenty homes, blocks and blocks away from each other, covered in the flowing white stuff (haven’t thought of it, but the days when we had blue, pink and yellow TP are long over – white is pretty much it now).  

This task was not accomplished by one group of kids out to bring the Homecoming spirit to the area.  It had to have been a planned event, among a group of kids in different neighborhoods.  Date picked, hour set, TP bought at the Costco (en masse) and off they went, in a synchronized manner.

This of course is much different than my youth, it was always done just on a whim and really to no one in particular, just to the trees that looked like we could get a good toss on them and of course within walking distance with-in our own neighborhood.  Not too bright, but we were never caught, so I guess it all worked out.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the memories and good luck with your Homecoming game this Friday!!