Monday, October 7, 2013

Thankfully Naive

I didn’t mean to do it.  Really, it wasn’t intentional.  And it certainly wasn’t what it looked like!! 

What you ask?  Well, let me frame the story.

We live in a pretty close knit neighborhood.  Most everyone knows each other and we all watch each others homes.  That also goes for the church/ministry across the street from us; it’s a very large part of this neighborhood.

Our direct neighbor is great – I’ve mentioned this before.   We have keys to each other’s homes and take care of things when they are away and do each other favors when necessary.   

We definitely call on each other for favors; can you let the dog out? Can you bring in the mail? Can you meet the smallest child at the bus, we won’t be home on time? Can you turn the %&@ sprinkler off in the garden – I forgot AGAIN and I’m an hour away….  

A nice little give and take.

But one of my favorite things about them is they come over and ask for things like eggs, a cup of milk or half a stick of butter.  I love this!  And I never remember to do the same when I need something – I just don’t make whatever it was, or run to the store, or hubby runs to the store when I’m in the middle of a mess and can’t believe I don’t have any flour (probably to shut me up and yes, because he’s a good man). 

But whenever they send their youngest daughter over for some baking ingredient – I again remember how cool it is we live in a neighborhood that still does this!  And why don’t I remember to do this when I need ¼ cup milk?

So, today their lovely young daughter comes over and asks for some baking soda – they are making banana bread and can’t find the baking soda.  She pops in the back door, visits with the doggies and tells us the whole story about the banana bread, why they are making it and its intended final destination.

I grab the box of Arm and Hammer and look at it for a minute.  I don’t want to send the whole box, they are on a mission and then she’d have to stop everything and run it back over.  Also, our sweet little neighbor girl sometimes gets distracted, so Lord knows really where the box will end up once the desired amount is used. 

I decide to make it easy on everyone and put a few table spoons in a zip lock baggie.
As soon as I send her out the door I know this was a bad idea.

The church/ministry is letting out across the street.  There are people everywhere.  I’m sure that the neighbor girl stopped and talked to some of the congregation along the route home and I’m sure they saw her leaving out our back door, heading down the driveway and over to her house – all the while prominently carrying a clear ziplock baggie with a corner full of white powder.

Yeah, really – we aren’t dealing and the little girl next door is not our middle man.  No one has a drug problem and no we were not helping the neighbors next door get their fix.

Man, I’m sorry – I didn’t mean for it to look that way, I was just trying to save them a trip back to the house.  And yes, you’re right – the big yellow box would have looked better – I know.  

Good thing she’s too young to know that it looked like something fishy was going on, again, I’m sorry.  


Ps: I just want to say you can find anything on the internet, I put in “baking soda in a bag: on google  and look – a picture of what I did today came right up for me, no need to recreate it here… fabulous! Thanks