Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jeckle Freckle

Ah yes, panic.  This is about things that go through your mind, you worry, you ask, you don’t agree with the doctor.  You go home and then poof - the answer appears.

So, I have this freckle/mole on the back of my leg.  I call it a freckle, because it’s flat, but it’s dark.  The kind of dark your step brother tries to brush off you because he thinks it’s a bug – then feels silly because it wasn’t.  (Thanks by the way, if it was a bug and you saw it but didn’t brush it off, I’d have been upset)!!

So, the other day this spot hurts.  I think, what’s going on, this is a freckle, why does it feel like ten thousand pin pricks.  Oh my, has it changed?  Husband, has it changed? 

Husband looks, not sure he’s ever noticed it before, he says it looks fine.  Fine indeed, the thing hurts.  You know what they say when a mole changes….dire, dire things.

I call my doc to get a referral to a Dermatologist.  After three days, I call again – c’mon people, I have a mole that has changed and it hurts!!  The weekend goes by, I call again, I need this referral, my mind is racing – we have lost a precious week.

They call back, I’m all set – call the Dermo, make appt – go in three days later.

Dermo looks at it, says it’s fine.  Fine??  Fine??  It hurts – freckles don’t hurt!!

He says, let’s freeze it, it will blister and flake off in a week – you’ll be good to go.  

What?? Get rid of it?  No biopsy, no test results – are you nuts?? Just let it flake away, I could die here (of course, we all will someday…)

Then he says, there are five more here, want me to get rid of those too?  FIVE?????  I try to look behind my leg at the awkward spot they are in, I can’t see them – FIVE MORE?  I have SIX hideous marks on the back of my leg, all in one area?  

Oh world, I am so sorry – I had no idea that my shorts showed off SIX big dark, bug impersonating, freckles.  Yuck.

Step brother, you must have thought I sat on an entire ant pile…. not just one “bug” but six? Guh, should have put myself in front of a mirror then – I knew about the one, but six?  Oblivious.

So, he freezes them.  Of course I don’t want them on my leg anymore, even if I don’t agree with his treatment of the one that hurts.

Then I come home.  Rosie, you remember Rosie – the dog we also call Trouble, yeah sweet little Rosie – well she jumps on my leg and I just about come out of my skin with zinging pain. 

Ooohhhhh!  Lightbulb moment.  Um, the doctor does indeed know best and I am a pain in the ass patient worrier.

You see, Little Miss Rosie’s toenails hit exactly the spot where that mole is when she jumps up on my leg to say hello, I’m so excited your home.  No wonder the dam thing hurts, she has been scratching the same spot for six months now…  Yes, the mole has changed, but nature didn’t do it, Rosie did – Oh Rosie….