Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Foot is Alive and Well in The D!!

Whew, don’t worry I got him! 

Found him just down the road. 

He’s hidden – inside this Halloween Tree – at the local ACE Hardware store – in Detroit (east side).

Um, yeah – so a Halloween Tree.  Never heard of one?  Me either.  But look, there it is, I got a picture of it. No question about it, it’s a Halloween Tree.

You see world, this is why we haven’t been able to find Big Foot before.  Here we were looking in the woods, through regular pine and deciduous trees, in what we thought was his natural habitat – the woods.  When all along we should have been looking in madey-uppey trees, inside inner city hardware stores. 

I say he fits in the tree pretty well, you can’t even see him for all the crazy looking ribbons and plastic spiders affixed to the outside.  Come to think of it, this might not even be a tree.  It could be the wookie himself in costume for Halloween, decorated like a Halloween Tree (if there were such a thing…).

Anyway, we only have a couple more days to catch him, after that the “costume” becomes useless.  I would watch for him at your door, there is a good possibility he might be trick or treating this year.  Like I said before, the décor affixed to his fur camouflages him nicely.  Of course the big green feet give him away a little bit.  Perhaps they are also camouflaged??

Who knows, maybe next month he will paint those feet yellow and dress up like a giant Thanksgiving Turkey.  In December, he can be an actual Christmas Tree, January – a big Snowman and February – Cupid.  Oh the list is endless.  If you think about it, he can blend in as anything “larger than life” really.

You see people, this is why he has been so elusive all of these years, he is right under our noses dressed as the giant mascot of the next month or holiday!  

Wow – this is big people, really, really BIG!!!  

Even Big Foot likes it here in the “D”, take that ye Detroit doubters!!  Hehe – we got em!