Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ding! Big Brother DOESN'T Always Know Where You Are

Ding!  Hey, Hey – look at the message on my phone.

WooHoo, I'm abroad!  Now I wonder what I’m doing?

Could I be on a tropical beach somewhere?

Am I in Europe, traveling the canals of Italy?

Might I be in Australia, looking at the Opera House and the bridge?

Or could I be in Brazil, checking out the set up for the upcoming World Cup?

Wow, I wonder if I am having fun?  It’s not every day your phone beeps at you and tells you you're abroad!  

And look how expensive it will be if anyone calls or texts me – wow, that’s a doozie, I’ll have to be careful not to use my phone, you know – while I’m abroad.  No unnecessary phone calls “back to the US” here…

Except for the fact that I am in a parking lot, at a local hospital, in Michigan.  Nope, that’s not as fun as being abroad – no sir.

Now I’m going to have to call the phone company, and sit on hold for the rest of the day to fix this.  Also not as fun as being abroad.

Do you think they knew I *blogged about their “tidy” employee just last Monday and now they are paying me back? 


*(Cleanliness is next to? Posted 10/21/13)