Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brrr, Ow or Simple Manipulation?


This is what I keep hearing; I don’t know what it is.  I’m sitting at the kitchen counter having a coffee and reading the paper, the big old doggie is under my feet, so all should be well in the world.


Wait, where’s Rosie?  What could she be into now?  

I look down; she’s in front of the fridge.  She’s not doing anything – she’s just sitting there.


Wait, are her teeth chattering?  They are – her teeth are chattering – the little dog’s teeth are chattering!!

I have never seen anything like this before – she’s just sitting on the floor, and her teeth are chattering.  In all my years of being a dog lover, I have never seen (or heard) a dogs teeth chatter.

It is 60 degrees outside; it’s warmer in the house.  What’s going on?  Could she possibly be the only dog with chattering teeth?  Is this what we have to look forward to all winter?  Oh, then I fear it’s going to be a very long winter….

I quickly sit on the floor and scoop her up.  Poor thing, really, if your teeth are chattering, something is up.  

Of course, she was fixed AND had a hernia surgery last week (yes a hernia, nothing is easy with this one) – she could be having a reaction, pain possibly?  Oh, I don’t want her in pain.

Hmm, she is also an attention hog.  Was I not paying enough attention to her – is this a ploy?  I am a huge softie for doggies in distress, has she figured this out?   

She is also a clown – she could be fooling me.  I fear her prankster abilities are just in the beginning stages, she is still quite young.

Interesting, seems, now that she is fully entrenched in my arms and I’m away from big old dog, she is fine.  Where on earth did she learn to do this?

It’s the squirrels, I bet she is learning from the chattering squirrels that taunt her on the fence.  And like the squirrels, the only word that follows the chattering in their mind is …..heh, heh, heh –SUCKER!

Trouble, this one’s trouble I tell you…