Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Serenade, Serenata, Aubade, Notturno

And a grand one at that!   

Maybe I’ve mentioned this  before, maybe I haven’t – but the sweet little girl next door likes to play music for us, out her open bedroom window, at all times of the day or night – LOUDLY.
I think it’s cute.  Her parents on the other hand – not so much.  

This is why the radio stations that she is allowed to play seem odd.  They have been carefully selected by her father, because if he has to listen to the stuff 24/7, he is going to listen to something he likes.

So the young lady listens to classic rock, i.e. Led Zepplin, Ozzy Osbourne, Styx, Billy Squire, Tom Petty and “Yesterdays Hits Today” Depeche Mode, ELO, Cher,  Billy Idol, Journey, Rick Springfield, Kenny Loggins, The B52’s  – there are all kinds of odd combinations of old music coming out her window and especially odd if you are just a little kid.  

She, like me, doesn’t sleep much at night.  So if the weather is good, you can be sure her window will be open and the music will be cranking loud and clear.  Luckily, her room is on our driveway side, so it doesn’t make it around to the other side of the house to keep my husband up at night.  We only hear it when we go outside (unlike her poor family, who get it up close, indoors and personal).

I quite enjoy it.  You hear stuff you haven’t heard in ages and I appreciate that she thinks of us.  Her mother has told her that we have our own music at our house, but she won’t hear of it.  Mom says she even runs back in the house to turn it on when they are leaving and already in the car, so we won’t be without it when she is not home.  Very thoughtful.

This is year two of the music and I’m pleased to say she is now learning the words to these “classic hits”.  For such a petite little thing, she has a big, bold, raspy voice, much larger than her physical being.  So from the window comes her enormous, happy voice, belting away.

Out with the dogs at 5:00am last night, we were greeted with Billy Idol and my neighbor girl singing “Eyes Without A Face”.  She couldn’t be any cuter and really, it made my time waiting for them to do their thing, so much more enjoyable.  Of course I can’t imagine what her brother was thinking, because I’m sure no one was sleeping through that next door – but I enjoyed it and after all, the music is for us – right?

And last weekend, I was out washing my car – in the driveway – and was quite pleased to have the music to help me with my chore.  STYX, “Come Sail Away” was playing and we were both singing along in our out of key voices, it made the task at hand that much easier.   Next we both sang “Love Shack” by the B52’s, having a great time – separately.

Then, Cher came on.  To my surprise, she belted out “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” with the goddess herself.   I don’t know, this is quite an obscure song, even for a classic station, but she nailed it and I smiled and laughed. 

Then boom, she got quiet.  REO Speedwagon – “Take it on the Run” came on.  If you are unfamiliar with this tune, the verse goes - “Heard it from a friend who, Heard it from a friend who-oo-oo, Heard it from another you’ve been messing around”.  She didn’t sing, she must not know this one yet.  

And then in her prominent raspy voice I hear through the open window “Oh no!  How sad.  A friend had to tell him?  Oh my.  That is sooooo sad”!  

Hahaha, OMG.  She is such a delight.  

So what I gather is that she listens, carefully, to everything, to learn the words.  But in the mean time, while she is listening carefully, she is also taking in the meanings.   

Oh, what is does the picture of the squirrel have to do with it?  Well, I’m not the only one who enjoys her music and serenades, even the squirrels come over to hang out on her window sill, they think she is terrific too!