Monday, October 14, 2013

Sprite on Time!

Fall has been officially delivered, lest you think it is still summer because of all of the nice weather we have been having.

See right there in our mailbox – Fall!   

Really, there is no question what else it could be, the Fall Sprite came over this weekend and hand delivered it herself.  Be prepared, jacket weather is most assuredly to follow this official sign.  

Now the equinox may have been last month, but you see, it’s been a bit slow to come around, just like summer was a full month off this year too.  It was just giving us some extra time in the great outdoors, without a coat or mittens. 

But there is no question about it now.

I know there were signs, it is football season, the Detroit Tigers are in the playoffs, there are Halloween decorations all over the place and the sun is setting sooner each night.  But it just didn’t feel like Fall yet, what with 80 degree sunny days and all. 
But it’s here, the Fall Sprite would never ever lie.

Who is this Sprite?  Well, I’m quite positive (although I did not see the actual delivery) that it is our sweet little neighbor girl.  I know I have mentioned before that she often comes over to give us something special that she herself collected (i.e. black ants, twigs) or made for us (Special Delivery 3/8/13 & Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah 9/9/12).  And there could be no one else as thoughtful as her to make sure we knew what would soon be in store for us.

Time to winterize the lawn mower and grab the rake, because it has started – the annual leaf dump, guh!

Oh and maybe this is why the mail lady skips us so often, how many other “special” deliveries have I missed that the mail lady thought – what is with these people leaving me twigs in the mailbox, I am not going to bother with THAT street again!!  (9/16/13 Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow).  Just a thought, our neighbor Sprite might leave her mama stuff in their mailbox too!