Friday, November 1, 2013

Thirteen's A Lucky Number In 2013

Oh so many things to write about today!  

Since Halloween was just last night, we’ll talk about that and share with you our success story.


Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s it.

Oh, you want more?

Well, I love Halloween.  At my last house, I would dress up to pass out the candy.  We’d give out 30+ bags of candy in an hour and a half (hundreds of kids), shut the door at 7:30 and have plenty of time to go out for the night.  Kids came from everywhere.  It was so much fun!  

Once I even gave out Mardi Gras Beads that I had lugged home in a giant sac from New Orleans – what a hit, even the little boys wanted to pick out some shiny colorful beads.  

Then we moved here.  

Now mind you, we are less than a mile from my last house, except in a far less scary neighborhood.  Because as you know – we live on a cul-de-sac and have one neighbor (if you don’t know, might I suggest you make a day of it and read some, or all, of my older posts? C’mon, I promise you will smile).   

So the first year I got ready, dressed up, bought a few less bags, because I knew it might not be as busy and then got NO ONE.  The kids next door weren’t born yet and no one came down the road with two houses.  No one.  Nada – zippo. 

Ok, that was an adjustment and a bummer, there is nothing cuter than having little ones all dressed up as princesses and super heros coming to your door.  Of course there are always a few adults, dressed up as themselves, but I make it a point to have different candy for them – no chocolate for 40 year olds. 

So, I started to buy full sized candy bars.  Just a couple, in case anyone came around – with little hopes.  Then the kids next door came along, I suppose the parents ate the candy bars the first few years, but that was ok with me.  

I’d love to say we could always count on those two, but sometimes they weren’t home and there are more years than I like to think of that we got NO ONE – despite happy lit up pumpkins on the porch, a blaring porch light and for two years we tried spooky music wafting from the house. 

Now for the last five years there have been seven other children who live on the cross street, but they never came by the house.  I would just watch kids walk down the cross street and not turn the corner (kind of like the mailman does ….).

Then this year a family with SEVEN kids moved in and they made the turn and came to the house!!!!  There are also two more boys on the cross street, so I adjusted the candy to include them all, and few extra smaller Snicker bars in case we had an overflow.  

Well, looks like hubby and I will be eating the Snickers.  

But all in all, it was a success.  It’s so sad to be standing there watching the world pass you by, when you know you got the best treats around!   

And no, I don’t dress up anymore, standing there all by yourself in a witch costume, well, you get the picture…