Friday, November 8, 2013

She Ain't Heavy

How is it that a dog that weighs only 17 lbs, has a head that is as heavy as a bowling ball?

I forgot how heavy a dog’s noggin can be.  

My first dog (of my own) weighed 70lbs and had a head the size of a large melon, so when he rested that big square block on my foot, I expected it to weigh a lot.  It always felt like an anvil, but you know how it is when your dog lays on you, you don’t move – in case you disturb the puppy that is sleeping so restfully.

It has been years since I had an anvil weighted noggin lying on my ankle.  Since we have had Miss Gunnie (our 15 year old doggie) there have been no heavy weight heads in this house.  For what was her original 50 lbs body (now less, because she’s old) she is the daintiest doggy ever to grace this earth.  

Her footsteps are light, she eats food off a fork – gracefully, she can open the back door without you knowing and her head, when it curls up on your leg, is like a soft, feather light, fluffy pillow (which her equally soft body has also been used as a full blown pillow by the family – without any complaint from her).

Then we get Miss Rosie and I swear, she laid her head on my foot last night and it was as heavy as a giant bowling ball, despite the fact that her noggin is only as big as a regulation size base ball.   

You see, she’s not feeling well, so I let her curl up in bed with me.  So she moved to the foot of the bed and laid her sweet little head on my ankle, which then took approximately one minute before my foot went to sleep and I wanted to rescue it from the deadly weight that had trapped me in my comfy bed.

So I ask you, how does such a small creature have such a heavy head?  It’s like her head alone is 25 lbs, yet her whole muscular body doesn’t weigh anywhere near that much.  

Does anyone know why this is?  Anyone?   I fear someone in the world might lose their foot before we can find the answer.  It seems doctors somewhere should be studying this phenomenon – don’t you think??

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  1. Hahaha. This made me laugh out loud. Gunnie is a dainty feathery headed thing, isn't she? Rosie on the other hand. no. No way.