Monday, November 25, 2013

Fluffy, Cold and Early

Well, I guess Mother Nature has made a statement – BBQ season is officially over.   Bummer. 
I guess it’s on to holiday gorging season we go….

Actually, she made this statement precisely ten days ago – but I was having a hard time getting it through my head that snow was sticking to the ground on November 15th.  Not only did it stick to the ground, it stayed until the next day.  

Doesn’t the ground usually stay warm for a few weeks after the cold hits and when we have the first “big” snow it all melts?  

I mean, we live in Michigan – we should know a little something about snow.  But nope – it fell and it stayed – already, in mid-November – way, way, way before the “Dream of a White Christmas”.  

Now it seems we are going to have a White Thanksgiving.  They tell us this weekend is going to be a doozy.  Normally I wouldn’t worry, but since the ground is already cold enough to be an ice arena, it should be interesting – perhaps a snowman building contest will be in order over the holiday weekend?  

Yeah, that sounds ok – or better yet, we could build snow pilgrims and snow turkeys!  Has anyone done that before?  Quick search of the internet finds me this masterpiece (I’m guessing anything we build would be quite primitive in comparison).  I think that it’s made with a boot print – ingenious!

So, if you are in the States, or celebrating outside the States, we wish you a fabulous Turkey Day and a fridge full of leftovers!!  Just remember, only cook the things you like, why bother with anything you don’t – Traditions be damned.  

May I offer a start?  How about the retirement of the bizarre creamed green beans with those weird formerly crunchy, turned soggy, onion things on top?  Yuck.  What 1970’s Betty Crocker high sodium kitchen cook came up with those?  And why are they still on the table?  The Pistachio green fluff went away, isn’t this from the same era of bad concoctions of ready made canned items and boxed goods?  

Anyway, have a great holiday – travel safe, try to enjoy the family, eat well and don’t worry about the calories – you can take that issue back up in the first week of December – AFTER all the whipped cream and pumpkin pie is gone!