Friday, November 22, 2013

Enchanted Forest -vs- WWE

Enchanted Forest – 1      
WWE – 0

Ok, I’m not sure what happens in our yard during the night, but apparently (as it should be), the power of the Enchanted Forest cannot be overtaken by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

How do I know this?  Well, the pair of legs you see appear to be those of the Rock, of WWE fame (he’s an actor too).  And the Rock seems to be a bit in distress.  His body is stuck under the fence, like he was crawling to get away and just laid down on his face to rest a moment. After all, it seems he was overpowered by my backyard garden Gnome.   

Yes, you know we have a Gnome or two around the house, I wrote about the boys in the front of the house earlier this year (“Gnome Fell Down” posted 4/24/13).  Hmm, do you think the WWE guys had anything to do with them falling down?  Like the Rock was using their rope for climbing training?
Anyway, this is the scene I saw when I went outside that morning and rescued the Rock from his precarious position on the ground, under the fence.  The Rock is on the ground in the left hand bottom corner, you have to look carefully.  There is no doubt who won this one!

The much bigger Gnome is just sitting on his swing smugly looking on (his rope isn’t breaking like the others did – no way, you’re not using me for climbing practice)!

The boys of the WWE should know better, like the Enchanted Forest ever loses a battle.  Despite how much you work those muscles, look at my Gnomes legs – he could crush you in an instant.  
  Just stick to the flash and dazzle of the indoor ring boys and stay out of nature.  Seems so obvious, doesn’t it?