Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Boxed In

Is it now?  I had no idea boxed water was better.  As a matter of fact I had never heard of boxed water before this.  

Who’d a thunk it – water in a box! 

 If you ask me it looks more like a carton.  I think of a box as a big brown thing you ship stuff in, or something you bring your new shoes home in – the cool box with a lid you always save for a while, before you realize you won’t ever re-use it, than you pitch it.  Or even a juice box – which truly can’t be better if they are going for an environmental thing here…

Now I did not buy said water in a box, so I cannot tell you if it is indeed better.  I also do not know what water in a box cost, but if it is more than $0.99, it would not be better.  

We tend to get our water out of a faucet, which is not free – we do have a water bill for the house that comes every three months – but it is also a whole lot less than $0.99, which is better.  Plus, I think it tastes just fine, drinking a glass right now, as a matter of fact.

So water in a carton?  Hmmm, now this is probably not true, but don’t you get the impression that when you drink this water in a carton, it will smell like old milk?  That certainly does not sound better.

You know how you refill a plastic water bottle at least six times before you recycle it?  Doesn’t this feel like someone used all the milk and then refilled the carton with water, slapped on a home printer label and stuck it in a cooler?  A kid’s brilliant idea the parents just went along with to appease and encourage his creativity?

Looks like those generic food labels of the 80’s – NO ONE liked that stuff.  They still have the generic stuff, they just put the store name on it now, colored the labels and repackaged the stuff – now we all eat it.

It’s also an awful lot of water.  Once you crack a carton, it’s pretty much open for good.  With a bottle you can put the cap back on, so when your car hits a pothole, your interior does not get a bath.  

Oh and it's square, did they not intend for us to drink it in the car maybe?  Because it won't fit in the cup holders - any of them.

And weren’t we taught to never drink straight out of the carton?  Always put it in a glass?  Then needing a glass would not make it better, it would make it cumbersome.   And say you were a rebel and bucked the “rules” and drank it right out of the carton, I mean box - does the paper get soggy at the top when you drink?  

Does the paper add to the flavor?  Because I can speak from experience, when you leave a fast food drink in the paper cup too long, then come back for a sip hours later – it pretty much tastes like paper and that’s drinking it out of a straw, not even direct from a paper triangle opening. 

I’m not anti environment, we are a multi media recycling, composting, mega giant tank water farming, back garden, home canning house of environmental fun here – but I don’t get the water in a box.  

Maybe the “box” should be a third of the size?  Then again, if it was – it would create more waste than the big “box”.  So, I don’t know folks – I applaud junior’s idea, but I’m not sure it’s winner.   

Oh, yeah, this is in a cooler of a local sandwich shop – so it is for sale and available for your enjoyment in the public domain.  If anyone has tried water in a box (it’s a carton, carton, carton), let us know if it does indeed taste better.   Cheers!