Friday, November 15, 2013

Big, Big, Big

Just out for a walk with my cow and my horse, no biggie – the city is used to us.  

(What city you ask – oh my favorite city for blog fodder – the Grosse Pointes….thanks for another one guys)!

WOW, look at the size of these puppies – no really, they are huge!  And they are puppies (ok, maybe not, they both look a bit aged, but I still call my old girl a puppy). 

How big is this man’s house?  Can you imagine?  I took another picture – sort of out of focus so I'm not sharing, but the white doggie comes up to his elbow – way past his waist.  

Here are a few more thoughts I have to share with you today – how big is the food bill?  Does the food truck deliver in bulk in 50 gallon drums?  Is there a silo out back with dry food?

How many plastic bags does he use a day to clean up the yard?  

Is their bark measurable to their size – does it rattle the walls?  

Have his grand kids ever ridden them like ponies?  

Do they ever get to run and play?  Is their yard the size of a horse ring?  

What kind of balls do they play with – soccer, volley, basketballs?  Lord knows a tennis ball would be like a food nugget.  

Is there any furniture in the house?  If so, do they just sit on it like a human – behind down on the couch, feet still on the floor?

Are their dog beds queen size mattresses?  

How does the vet weigh them, truck scales?  How do they even get to the vet?  By walking there perhaps?

Who bathes them?

Is there a lot of flying snot when they shake their heads? Like a secret weapon or the goop that falls on people on the Nickelodeon Channel?  Does he sell the goop to the Nickelodeon Channel (to offset the food bill)?

Has anyone ever mistaken their paw prints in the snow for a Yeti or Big Foot?  As you know, I did sight him on the east side of Detroit last month (10/28/13 – Bigfoot Is Alive and Well in The D).

Man, I love a big dog because they are mellow, have large scary barks to keep the house safe, you can pet them on the way by without bending over and you can get a great big hug out of a big dog.   

But this takes big to an all new level.  Imagine the hugs he gets!  Would make the whole world a happier place!  (On a side note, don’t imagine the kisses, big ones too, I’m sure…)

Thanks buddy for sharing you beautiful babies with us, we enjoyed them.   WOOF!!!!