Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Open Your Wallet Wide Friday

Black Friday – Been there, done that, now home…..

Guh – It’s “Black Friday”, commercialism's dream come true.

So, last night hubby and I sat up with the computer following release times for a special deal that started at midnite…. then it was reset to 12:45, then 1:30 then 2:00 – then I let the dog out and turned the lights off.  When we got up at seven – we had missed it.  Damn website.

What did I just ramble?  What I’m trying to say is we followed a deal that was supposed to be released at midnight – the website crashed.  We kept trying; it kept giving new release times for the deal and crashing.  When we’d get back on, it would tell us things will automatically update when they are available, but then you’d hit the button to purchase when they were “available” - it would think for a few and then you’d get an error message, or nothing at all.  We gave up at 2:00 am.  

This morning, we got up and went to a local store that wouldn’t be frenzied (because we live on the east side – no one comes this direction), to get a wall mount for a third of the cost, today only.  Why?  

Well, BEFORE “Black Friday” there was a sale, we went and came home with a large TV, which now apparently requires that it have a new wall mount, sound bar, blue ray player, etc……. I was unaware of these requirements and really, the old TV was already quite large.  But I was bamboozled.  

Hubby said – wouldn’t it be nice to have a big TV in our fabulous basement, so when the boys came over we could watch soccer down there?  It would.  So now there is - plus several other accoutrements – scattered above.

Oh, and we never found another deal to match the one from the crashed website – guess that new toy will have to wait another year.  Pretty sure we can live fine without it for now…right dear?