Friday, September 27, 2013

Extreme Pink Slip

I had no idea I had all this power!!!

I bought a little trinket off ebay and this note accompanied it.

Can you read it?  The whole thing is kind of bizarre.

But apparently I can “KILL” (in caps, no less) “pretty Daisy” if I leave negative or even neutral feedback.

Holy cow!!!  So if I only kind of liked what I received and left neutral feedback “pretty Daisy” will die????   More so, she will KILL herself!!  Oh my…
Well, I’m quite sure I’m not going to “Message” her now!  But, thankfully, I liked the little trinket.
Whew…. All this pressure, I’m not sure the world is up things like this.  What a heavy weight.

I mean, how could you even sell anything on ebay if there was a chance someone wouldn’t like it and you would have to kill yourself?  I have it, right here, in writing, on a slip of pink paper – “pretty Daisy” promises us she will KILL herself.

Thank goodness, one more person get’s to stay alive today – because my little goodie is nice. 
But who’s to say Miss Daisy will be with us tomorrow?  What if someone doesn’t like their purchase or worse, just wants to see if she will actually do it?

I guess I’ll just have to watch her feedback, if anything neutral or negative appears – that’s it – no more trinket sales, no more feedback and no more pretty Daisy…. Could be a sad day indeed.