Wednesday, September 25, 2013

He's Baaaacckk!!

Ok, so that is Jack Nicholson’s line in the Shining – but it’s still true – He is Baacckkk…..

Not Jack, but Chucky. 

Can you see him?  Yeah, that’s Chucky from Childs Play peeking at me in my car.  I don’t know, but if it were my SUV, I’d have a different riding companion. 

So I’m driving down the infamous Eight Mile yesterday (as I do every day of my life) and the car next to me is honking.  Living in the city, one just ignores the honking and goes right along with life – you never know what you might see if you look and trust me, you learn this the hard way.  So after a while, you ignore the crazy honking people.

Well, crazy honker got closer (judging by the side of the car, they have been too close before – a scrape here a ding there…)  

I give a super quick glance.  Huh.  

Well that explains my day, flippin Chucky is staring me down.
Really? Chucky? C’mon, Chucky?  In the car next to me?  On Eight Mile? Really?? 

Yup, there he is, picture proof folks, I can’t make this stuff up.  And again, proof why you shouldn't look at the crazy person (i.e. doll) next to you honking their horn wildly.

You all sleep tight tonight, ok?  Just keep an extra eye out for the black Chevy SUV driving down your street…..