Friday, September 13, 2013

Better Than Free!

Look at this invoice (pic taken off my computer screen), it’s the best thing ever!!  Well, for me that is, probably not so much for the store….

I had bought something from a well known outdoor company, got it and didn’t like it.  So I sent it back.  

A week later in the mail they sent me a $15 reward certificate for my purchase.  Fifteen bucks, no restrictions, just cold hard cash.  

I ignored it for a month, thinking it would be revoked once they figured out I returned the item, but no – I got an email reminder telling me to use my money before it expires.  OK, I will, as soon as I figure out what I can get for 15 bucks. 

THEN – they send me an email telling me they are giving away large percentage off code to their best customers.  WHAT?  Now I have 15 free dollars and a substantial percent off code having done nothing (but return the item I originally bought…)?

But wait, there more!  

Another email comes out telling me they are offering free shipping for the weekend.  Oh my, this cannot be ignored. 

Surely they have something on clearance I must have.  And it won’t be offset by shipping costs – this is beautiful stuff!  Like a Christmas gift certificate, only no one paid for it (ok, ok, except the store).

Let’s see, husband always needs socks, so socks become the target of the shopping.  I of course find some nice ones on clearance, you know performance, sweat wicking, foot hugging, kind of socks and I still have a couple bucks left, so I get myself a pair of footies.  AND I still have some money left!

I decide that’s good, no need to use it all, I feel greedy enough already, plus I like the idea of everything being free.  Then at the end of the shipment they show they owe ME a REFUND.  I’ll be damned people, when the order came in the mail they sent a check for $1.70.

I got PAID $1.70 to take two pairs of socks off their hands, plus I didn’t have to pay for shipping.  Unbelievable.

Um, while this was fantastic stuff for me, might I suggest a financial audit?  I know, I know, it’s never a fun thing, but you see I like your company and really, would like to see you stay financially solvent and open – really, even though this worked out for me and possibly others, I think that if you look at your books, it’s probably not working out for you….

But hey –THANKS!!