Monday, September 9, 2013

Poopy Dancing

Over the holiday long weekend, hubby and I were out socializing - A LOT.  On the fourth and final day of the weekend, we were out maybe six or seven hours.  No problem usually for the dog contingent, but apparently this day was different.

We came home to find the house covered in dog poop paw prints.  Everywhere!  Yes I said it – Dog Poop Paw Prints, oh what fun!

Every room that had open door access had poopy dog prints, all over the place.  We just walked in and looked at each other and we kept walking and the paw prints kept right on a going….

Neither one of us can tell you what happened, but I think it went something like this between the two dogs:

Hey, you awake?

I am now.  What?

Well, I had an accident.

A what?

An accident, I pooped on the kitchen floor – wanna see?

Oh man – what’d you do that for? 

I had to go, no one’s home.  I tried to go near the door – so they could tell it was an accident and I wanted to go out.

Man, that’s a BIG one, we can’t leave it there.

We can’t?  Why not, it’s by the door, they will know I tried, won’t they?  

I don’t think so sister.

Then what do you think we should do with it?

Let’s make it smaller, you know – lower to the ground.

How we going to do that?

I know, stomp on it – get over here and help me.   I’ll take this nugget and you take that one.  Just jump around on it and flatten it out.

Ohhhh noooo, that looks worse.  Now it looks even Bigger!

Yeah, that didn’t work at all.  Now what?

Hmmmm – I got it, let’s spread it all around.  You know, everywhere, then it won’t stand out as much as a big huge matted spot in the kitchen carpet runner.

Ok, I say we dance on the spots and then run through the house.  

Woooo – this is fun, more, let’s do it some more!!!

(Doggie running ensues, for what was probably a good long time)



The big spots still not gone.


Let’s knock the kitchen trash can over and cover it up.  

Great idea AND we can scatter the trash throughout the house, that should detract them from the poop!  They hate the trash can knock-over.

Anyway, rinse and vacs have been used, disinfectant sprayed, tiles scrubbed and removable rugs removed for cleaning at the professional cleaners.  What a flippin disaster, like a poop bomb exploded and it was the greatest thing in the word to dance through.

Makes you wanna come over and visit us doesn’t it!! 
Update----- See below, we decided the carpet had to go - therefore, it is gone... you can come over now!