Friday, September 20, 2013

Avast Matey - It's Jolly Roger!

Snap on me eye patch and say Arrrr!  

Blimey, yesterday was “Talk Like A Pirate Day”, no really, it’s an official day – see -

Yeah, it’s been going on at least a decade – or at least that is the first time I heard of it and since I like Piratey things, I hope it continues for another 10 years!

Anyway, since it was “Talk Like A Pirate Day” – I went in search of all things piratey.

You’d think this would be a hard task, just wandering around looking for pirate things, but it wasn’t!

What I first saw yesterday while out rowing on the Detroit River (Aye Matey – keep control of those oars), was a giant sailboat.  It wasn’t a pirate ship per say, but it was painted a dull gray and it had to be 80 plus feet.  So, even though it was massive, it was understated in bondo gray, perfect if you are pirate and not a flashy millionaire.  No, I don’t have any pics – cameras in the Quads would be frowned upon, since you are using those hands to row and steady the boat, not sightsee…

Then I saw a guy zipping around a vacant parking lot in a homemade jobby with a sail.  Yes, I do have a picture of that, but decided that would be a whole other days post – so you don’t get that today either.

But what you did get if SO MUCH BETTER!!!  I couldn’t have made this up and the fact that I went driving around looking for piratey stuff makes this even more unbelievable.  Because really, while cruising around a random neighborhood, just how many times in your life do you see this??   

And on Pirate Day, no less!!

Sail Ho!! Do you see the size of this thing?  It’s a GIGANTIC ship model, in someone’s front window!  A GIGANTIC SHIP MODEL!!!! 

Ok, ok, it kinda looks like it might be a Viking Ship and from the other direction (the one I first drove by before I turned the car around and tried not to look voyeuristic,  while stopped in front of someone house snapping a photo) the sails had big red crosses on them.  I don’t know – felt kind of Viking-esque, but dammit, yesterday was Pirate Day and there was a big GIANT ship model in someone's front window!

Do you think it was just displayed to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day???  Or do you think it’s there all the time?  Ohh, if you have a GIANT model ship like this, chances are good you have more (of course, this HAS to be the crowning glory), do you think they change the “display” out to showcase mote model boats?  

And finally, do you think this house is that of a single man (Jack Sparrow, is that you)?  Or is mom’s a former wench and misses the good ole days at sea??

Shiver me timbers….