Monday, September 16, 2013

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Heat.....

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.  This is the Postal carrier’s creed.

Apparently it does not apply to dead end roads with two houses on the street.  Nope, no where do I see mention of dead end roads in the creed – so I guess this is ok?

What is this?  Well, this is our mail.  And the poundage of the mail in the rubber band that the poor Saturday lady got stuck with, because the regular carrier did not visit us for a couple days (5:8.4 lbs).  

You see we don’t get our mail every day and neither does our neighbor. 

We joke about it and a popular question between us is “Did you get any mail today”?  But really, it’s crappy.  We can be standing on the front lawn, looking down the street and we see the carrier go by and purposely not turn up our street.  

Complaining would be pointless, as the carrier is in complete control.  Who is to say we would get ANY mail if we made a fuss.  So instead, almost SIX POUNDS of mail was rubber banded together throughout the week and saved for the one day a week Saturday carrier…. If you ask me, THEY are the ones that should be grumping, must make for one heavy bag!

Oh, and when we do get mail, there is no guarantee the mail is ours.  Quite often we get other peoples mail, on other streets, we even get mail for other cities!  All of this confuses me, but I suppose, nowhere in the creed does it say the mail has to go to the right house either.  

One time we got a vacation bundle from someone who had stopped the mail for what must have been a couple weeks. Really?  The address of where this big vacation bundle goes isn’t important?  Of all the things to mess up – that one seems crazy.  Of course, if you don’t deliver to our house every day, I suppose you wouldn’t know that we weren’t on vacation too, if the carrier had bothered to make deliveries, it should have seemed obvious – but alas. 

So, next time you are shopping for a place to live and the two house cul-de-sac looks delightful, just remember – you need a very LARGE mailbox because mail delivery is sporadic, it's as if you live in the Alaskan Tundra and the bush plane can’t get out everyday due to storms… but of course, the weather is covered in the creed…