Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Would You Call This A Double?

Yeah, I’ll just have a shot and a shot – that’s an energy drink – vodka back, please…..

So I must tell you, this little scenario has been outside my gym for at least three weeks.  I’m not sure if they are new bottles every day, the health industry is promoting these two brands, or the workers could really give a rat’s patootie and they are now part of the landscaping!

They are right at the door when you walk in – so taking pictures was a bit tough, I’m all nonchalant and stuff as dozens of people walk by….. you know me……slick.

Ahh – healthy living at its finest!  

Do you suppose they hit the energy shot on the way in the door and then pitch it against the wall as they open the door?  (You know ladies, like we do paper towels in public restrooms, so we don’t have to touch the door handles).  Then that way they have the extra zoom needed to get through a tough workout.  Zip, Zip, Hurray!!

Then on the way out, they crack the vodka bottle as they pass the desk to exit, slug it while between doors in the vestibule and then pitch it next to its buddy on the way out?  (You know boys like --- well I don’t know what that would be like – it’s like littering and I don’t want to accuse you guys of littering, so it’s exactly like littering and it’s not gender specific). 

Imaginary mind chatter goes like this…. 

“Whew, sure needed that to relax me, after that tough workout and the five hour energy boost – don’t need to be up until midnight – better take it down a notch.

Oh look, I have this handy airplane sized vodka right here in my pocket –  good thing I buy them by the case – you know, cause I work out soo much, gotta stay healthy and hit the gym, but I don’t want to lose any beauty sleep over that super powerful energy shot. 

Man – I’m just like Elvis!!! Get me a peanut butter and banana sandwich…. What?  It’s protein for my muscles, of course! “