Monday, October 8, 2012

Everyone Waits Together

Apparently there is no special treatment at airports, even if you already have wings.

We were hanging out on the long wait to catch an airplane home from JFK airport, not in the cool 60's looking part, but the sunnier part that had been added in some era when architectural details were considered insignificant.  Although there are many windows which are a good thing!

And while we were waiting and looking outside the window at planes coming and going, this little pigeon was also waiting.  Now I believe what he was waiting for were the remnants of peoples expensive airport hamburgers and donuts, but I could be wrong.

I think it would be quite a successful begging gig, since he's really only 1/4 inch away from getting home, but he will never get there and everyone in the airport knows this. Plus we all enjoy seeing something different at the airport than your normal people watching - which of course, has been known to produce some pretty interesting sites. 

So I would assume this little pigeon eats very well, I certainly got a kick out of him.

Now, he could have been waiting for his flight home, off to NY to see the original homing pigeon relatives, or maybe in for a big convention about new ways to poop on things, in places you never thought a bird could maneuver. 

Or he could have been in meetings on new ways to upset my sweet old Polish neighbor down the street who absolutely hates pigeons and gets really worked up when the neighbor kids toss out bird food. 

Or maybe he was in town to meet a possible amore, met her on line - you know, like a telephone line and they "spoke" through the wires until he could get out there for a beak to beak.

There are so many reasons why a pigeon could be in an airport, I'm just not sure if there are any good ones.  Someone, open up the alarmed door and let him out, but first give him a few pointers on avoiding big swirly jet engines - it could all end in a big POUF, and nobody wants that.