Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A modern day version of "The Thinker" perhaps, he seems quite focused in his thoughts.   

So off we were, in need of chicken, but not just any chicken, Costco frozen chicken in the ten pound bag.  Why it is we feel we need ten pound bags of chicken from the Costco I cannot say.  I really only needed two pieces for the evening meal and the Kroger store is right around the corner.  The Costco is up the road a good five miles.  And yes, we were just going for the chicken. 

Big lines, big parking lot, big carts, big store – all big, big, big – so our freezer could have chicken to feed our family for the next several months…  Nothing quick about this errand, the lines alone take five plus minute and wandering through the store is great exercise – it’s at least a mile to the freezer section don’t you think?  

As we were traveling into the lot, we came across this guy; kind of feels like we are driving through his living room doesn’t it? 

And not a bad thing really, it was lovely day out.  Personally I think I would find all the traffic zooming through the lot and the smell of oil and gasoline rising from the hot asphalt a bit distracting, but he doesn’t look distracted at all.   

If you look to the left there is a lovely wooded patch, which if this were me I would be staring in that direction, I might also be sitting on the lawn.  But he seems perfectly content on his sideways massive shopping cart.  I get the feeling he has been here before, it fits him perfectly, where as if you were to turn the cart he has his stuff in on its side it would be super short and not that easy to sit on. 

Ah the Costco – covers all you needs!  

If you catch the store during sample time, you leave with a full tummy and have tried all kinds of new things you probably would never buy – at least in bulk.  Although I did buy a great multi-grain cracker there before – because I had sampled it.  Did it need to be a five lb box of crackers?  Not really, no.  But we ate them, so it's all good.

Maybe this guy was just biding his time until the next sample hour – I bet if you hit them just right you could literally make lunch and dinner out of them.  Of course, you first need a membership to get in… and who knows he could very well have one; it may be worth every penny if it means free lunch and dinner every day.  Sometimes they serve coffee too!

So that’s it – one more reason to feel good about making a separate trip to the Costco to buy ten pounds of frozen chicken - they support our local communities – or at least that’s what I would like to think.  Good on them!