Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If Life's A Bowl Of Cherries...

What's my husband doing in the pits???  hahaha

This my friends is a nod to the fabulous humor writer Erma Bombeck - couldn't resist, if you do not know who Erma was - 1) you're young and 2) you're missing out.

Look - he's truly is standing in cherry pits!!  Lots and lots of them....

We went up to Traverse City for a wedding, and for those of you who aren't familiar with Traverse City 1) it's lovely and 2) it's the cherry capital (of the world - the internet says so!)

Oohh - a lot of 1's and 2's today - let's see if I can keep this up?

Now while in a tourist town, you do tourist things and some of the things I wanted to do was 1) buy fudge and 2) go into the cherry store. 

We went into two "world famous" fudge shops - tasted and left the first, I'll leave their name out - no need to start a fudge war - but it was way too sweet and that's an odd statement coming out of miss bake shop here.

We purchased a block of fudge out of the second shop we went into - Kilwins.  Now if you bought two slabs of fudge, you got one free, but my husband does not have a sweet tooth, so all that means is that I would have eaten a pound and a half of fudge by myself - probably in a week - so we stuck to a half a pound of chocolate pecan - I know - yum!   We passed up on the mint chocolate, because that would have meant a third slab of whatever was coming home with us and as mentioned - NO ONE needs to eat a pound and a half of fudge in a week....

Then we went into the cherry store - fun!  As I wandered around looking for something cherry to purchase, my hubby found the vat of pits and like anyone who enjoys life - jumped in them!  Seems it's a popular place for men, while he was in there a little girl handed him a sign to hold that said something like "daddy pit" - so my guess is, while all the women are roaming around tasting cherry salsa and cherry wine, the men are looking around for a place of refuge - ergo the fun vat of cherry pits.

1) I did not buy any cherry salsa, did not sound good to me - but when I got home my sister asked - did you get any cherry salsa?  which means I missed out on something and 2) cherry wine makes the rounds as a wonderful gift around the holidays so I will wait for one of Santa's helpers to produce a bottle or two and then we will share it together.  I did buy cherry jam - reasonable enough and you can't get that at the local grocer.

So, this is post one on our trip to Traverse City, can't say when post two will happen, but I have fodder, therefore it will come eventually.

Now, anyone feel like a snack?  Dried cherries perhaps, cherry cheesecake, maraschino cherries in your cocktail, a little cherries jubilee?? 

I'll leave the parting words to quote Erma "When humor goes, there goes civilization."