Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is Viking Fashion Back in Style?

Spotted these interesting lads while out and about in Philly a month ago, I don’t know who they are, but I decided not to advertise for them – so their signs are blocked out.

And why I decided to wipe their affiliation away was because; well basically what I got from them is that we are all going to hell and they hate everyone, especially you – if you are standing there in front of them observing and listening.  But isn’t that what they want?  When you demonstrate, don’t you want people to stand there and listen?  But as soon as someone stood in front of them they got expletives and threats of damnation thrown directly at them. 

Oh and no, I did not put myself in the line of fire, I caught a quick shot of them when I was walking into the train station.  I had heard them earlier in the day and walked by to see what the ruckus was all about. 

It was all very odd.  They could have been religious, but somehow I don’t equate many religions with violent yelling.  They had cops assigned to them, one on each side, I’m sure Philly was thrilled to be paying for two cops to stand there all day just to keep anything from happening.  They were there ALL day – daybreak to night fall, just screaming and hollering and cussing.  My hotel was next door…

Really, all I heard was how much they hated everything and everyone.  Well, maybe not all of us, they had six groups listed on the gray sign – that I think they were supporting, it was hard to tell.  Shouting, shouting, shouting!!  Don’t know how they didn’t lose their voices.

Do you think they were those little outfits all day every day?  Who do you think their seamstress is?  Do they sit around and sew at night – do they yell at each other when they break a needle?  I just have not run across any main shopping outlets selling the latest in Viking fashion.  

Must be hard to go through life angry all the time, do they know they don’t have to wear those dresses?  Maybe if someone brought them a couple pairs of Levi’s and a packet of Hanes shirts they would feel better about life.  That wardrobe seems to make Bruce Springsteen happy, I’ve only ever heard him sing.  

There you have it – the answer to screaming anger - Levi’s jeans and Hanes T-shirts.  By George I’ve found the answer – world peace is on its way!  Quick, get me a cargo plane full, we have some boys that need to come home from them middle east ASAP……………