Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Thanks, I'll Pass

Fresh watermelons for sale, come and get your fresh watermelon!! What – no?  You don’t see fresh watermelon?  Come now – they are only 2 for $6.  Come and get your fresh watermelon!!

Yikers!!  This was the first thing I saw when I walked into the grocery store… Bleh!

I don’t know how they could miss this? Really I don’t.  This is not just a little bad spot – this is a full on rotten watermelon, in the center of the display – that has most likely been rotten for many, many, many days.  I’m quite sure there is no such thing as a “Rotten Fruit Fairy” he did not pop in overnight and touch his wand to the first melon he could reach and start it’s dissension into the land of the un-fresh.  

So yeah - Bam!  Big watermelon display – Bam! Big rotten watermelon prominently positioned in the big watermelon display – Bam! That is every customer walking by a little grossed out and questioning the produce department of this giant grocery store chain that has taken over Michigan.  Bam! Another reason to shop local – at the farmers market, independent grocers, fruit stands – etc…

Now, that all said, I do believe there may be a “Rotten Vegetable Troll” because no matter if I put that lettuce and green pepper in the crisper or not – the damn things don’t last a week – and we cook with green peppers at least four times a week!  Lettuce – maybe not so much – but still – Oranges and apples last for eons – so there’s the  proof – no “Rotten Fruit Fairy”  - Instantly bad avocado’s = “Rotten Vegetable Troll”.  

My only question is – where do they live?  No cool old stone bridges around here…. And Norway is quite a distance away, quite a distance indeed.

Lazy employees for hire, get your lazy employee for hire – only 2 for $6!! Check out the mega monopoly grocery mart – he should just standing there be in the fresh produce section…..