Monday, October 29, 2012

A Three Rock Kinda Day

Holy Moly it’s a windy one out there – Hurricane Sandy is making her presence known - there is no escaping it…

Ta Da!! Here is our grill cover; it’s the third one we’ve owned because well, they keep blowing away… Now please note the top of the grill, where the dark mark is to the left of the big rock – that is where the large SINGLE rock we usually keep on top of the grill cover had been sitting this morning.  We place a giant rock on the cover, ah yes you got it – to keep the cover from blowing away – AGAIN.  

This morning I was sitting in the living room, listening to the wind howl and watching the driving rain when I heard an odd noise – I turned towards the kitchen windows and out of the corner of my eye saw the cover – ah yes you got it– Blowing away – AGAIN.

I jumped up, ran outside in my socking feet, into the storm, onto the mushy lawn and chased the darned thing to our six foot fence.  Good thing we have a six foot fence or it would have been another goner… or it just would have been another goner if I wasn’t home.  Slop, Slop, Slop, that’s my socks sloshing back onto the patio.  Freezing out – wet – windy – yucky.

Run inside, remove my socks, put on shoes and run back outside – I can’t believe the wind blew the rock off – it is not a small rock!  Go over to the pond, steal a second rock, set it down on the cover with the other one, walk four feet – POOF!  Off she goes again.  Really?  How can it be that windy?  And just at that thought the storm door blows open and smashes against the brick wall, ah crap – and wait, is that one of my mums?   It’s like a tumble weed blowing down the drive way – how far did that thing fly?  There isn’t a dirt trail until it got to the middle of the drive and landed….hard.

Grab the cover, run back to the pond, grab a larger rock, freezing, wet, put the damn thing on, position rocks strategically.  Snap tumble weed picture with phone, grab the door – shut it, grab the plant – toss it in the garage, start to gather the other plants – freezing, wet, windy.  Just go inside – bolt the door shut…. 

Oh, need a picture of the grill this would make a good post – wait a while for my fingers to thaw out.  Rain eventually stops, wind still howling, go outside, snap picture of grill – look for mail – no mail -ha, like a mailman in our area would deliver on a yucky day – I should have known better – bolt inside, freezing, windy. 

Wow is it yucky out there – good luck East Coasters, we are just catching what is whirling up the Great Lakes and it is nasty – can’t imagine what you are seeing fly through the sky right now, perhaps the wicked witch of the West will make an appearance, or should I say the East and call her Sandy?  Seems appropriate – it is after all, almost Halloween…