Friday, October 19, 2012

There is Justice!!

Women of the world say Hurray!!!! This is a men’s bathroom line!!!

Note the green pole, in the first picture and how far away it is in the second picture and that the people continue beyond the excited cheering man in the orange t-shirt.  I tried to get good pictures of the line, but it was sooooo long, that when we got all the way to the end, it just looked like a crowd…. And it was – a crowd of men- in line- to go to the bathroom!!!!!!   

Can I get a Halleluiah in the house!!   I also should note that the women’s line was never more than six people deep each time I visited.  SIX – not SIXTY like the men's line.  AHHHH – ray of light shining down on this miracle – can you hear it??

Never in my beer festival drinking, concert going, sports celebrating, holiday parading, amusement park hopping, festival attending, tailgate participating life have I seen a men’s bathroom line longer than the women’s – NEVER.  And I’ve had plenty of opportunities (as noted above….)

You have to admire the cheering man who is being accompanied by his beer, while in line.  Do you think he will finish it before he gets there?  I sure hope so, or he will actually have to set it down somewhere in the toilet – which frankly, no amount of fizzy suds or hops can cure – when the occupancy and turnover rate of the can (haha, I made a pun) is so high!    

Anyway – This one is for the girls, I have now given you documented proof that a miracle happened last night in Detroit.  That and we SWEPT the Yankees sorry behinds – which was not a miracle, we’re just that good!! 

Oh and that’s twice A-Rod, if you’re counting, that we’ve kicked your tail since you jacked Detroit around the one year you signed here, then  sat on our bench doing nothing but whining for multiple millions of dollars…See ya!! I think NY is done with you now too...

Go get em Tigers – 2012 World Series Bound!!