Monday, October 15, 2012

Consumer Confidence

Ah, well what can I say?  The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, I think?

So, we are driving down the street (again Mack Ave) and we spot this little white van, then we read the back of the little white van and it says “Painting & Etc…” 

OK, this poses several questions – at least in my mind:

 1)      Did you ask anybody what they thought of this catchy little name before putting it on the back of your van for all the world to read?  I think if you took a poll of at least four people, one may have asked the question “And ETC???” with a head scratch.  At least I hope one out of four people would have noticed – your fourth grader, your elderly neighbor, your wife, your softball pal – someone? 
      2)      So if I could ever get past the “& Etc” - How is it I would hire you?  Follow you home?  Pull up next to you and holler out the window?   If you are going to put this big decal in the back window of your car, would it be safe to assume you do this for a living and you hire your many services out?  There is no phone number, no web page and no business, perhaps?

      3)      So if the “& Etc” were to be term paper writing or resume assistance, I think it would be wise if people just passed on that service.
      4)   Your alignment skills are fabulous – the decal sits properly in the middle of the window, nothing askew – although the paint is falling off your truck above the window.  Isn’t painting part of your business name?  So, maybe what this is saying is your decal placement and attachment skills are fantastic  – your grammatical and marketing skills – not so much…

     5)      Every English and grammar teacher that passes this van must go into cardiac arrest.  Right after they speed up to see who is driving – just to make sure it isn’t one of their former students….

Oh wait – maybe it’s just a personal message – your name is “Painting” and your wife’s name is “Etc…” and you are just giving your van a little flair!  OK, I got it – in that case, everything is fine as they are two entirely separate subjects, you and your wife.  

Whew, I was worried there for minute! Can't have English teachers randomly going off the road in cardiac arrest everywhere - it would lead to - well, this.... and a big bump in paint shop repairs - hey....???