Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Drummer Boy and The Rock Princess

This story is going to be a bit different than normal, the goal of this blog is to make you laugh and there is no way these two won’t at the very least make you smile.  So only adorable tonight in this writing…  

Can’t help it, this falls under things you don’t see every day – and maybe you should.  The world would be so much brighter.

Every year one of the local high schools in my town puts on a high school marching band competition.  It’s a big deal - it starts in the morning and ends around 6pm.  I love it!   

Suddenly you hear a loud P.A. announcer and Tweet, Tweet, Tweet - BOOM, BOOM, DA BOOM, WHACKA, WHACKA, WHACKA, BOOM, BOOM, DA BOOM, WHACKA, WHACKA, WHACKA – and then the horns start blowing.  It’s great coming through the kitchen window on a Sunday.  Just fantastic!!

Somewhere mid-day I always wander over to see a few of the high school bands perform, but from an outside the fence vantage point, which is a popular place - because it’s free.

On my way up the walk I see this little man sitting on his mom cars playing his little plastic drum.  Could not possibly be cuter, so I knew I had to share.  Look at him!!  I even took a little video of him playing “along” with one of the marching bands. I'd attach it, but I can't get the video to go  right side up - took it on an i-phone sideways and well, that's the way it wants to stay.  I see a future in music for this boy!!

Then I pick a good spot at the fence and start talking to the lady next to me and her beautiful daughter.  Her daughter starts telling me she was at a birthday party yesterday and that is where she got these fabulous sunglasses.  She also said she wished she was a big kid so she could be out there on the field.  
Here I thought little drummer boy was the cutest thing I would see in a long time and along comes little rock princess in her guitar sunglasses.  I love her!!  (Momma said I could snap her photo) So flippin cute, I had to share. 

May they brighten your day as much as they did mine and let’s hope we see them both out on the field in nine or so years.  I’ll be looking forward to it!